What reasons lead consumers to stop halfway shopping carts online?

Online stores are facing a problem that is usual in the offline stores. Few people, for example, go to a physical store, walk the aisles looking at the products, fill your basket and then when they are about to go through the checkout to pay, decide they are not interested in what they have seen and caught and abandon the process. But this, in a physical store behavior would seem most bizarre, it is most common in online shopping.

The consumer enters a site eCommerce, check out what it offers, is adding things to your cart and once it has closed the shopping list is definitely back down and leaves the store. The time has invested has not turned into a sale and the company’s efforts to attract his attention have come to nothing. But why abandon the process after making the online buyer?

The reasons are different though, as demonstrates a study of Offers.com, a couple of them are predominant in the list of explanations why the buying process is frustrated. The main of them all is the price. 37% of those leaving the buying process because it believes it does, at the last moment, that what was going to buy is too expensive.

What reasons lead consumers to stop halfway shopping carts onlineAnd when it is not the product price which directly affects you in the eCommerce site, it is indirectly. For 24% of respondents, it was to see the product price in other e-commerce site (and see cheaper) making leave the process. This is the second reason weight to leave the stroller half and added more weight to the price criteria. If we add the percentage of those who find it too expensive and those who have located the same product cheaper, we can conclude that more than half of consumers leave their buying process using eCommerce half for prices.

The site also affects efficiency

But although the price is the main criterion for abandoning a purchase process on the network is not the only one. How the site design and clarity of the online store are also key elements and to take into account when you do not want to let consumers shop half works.

12% of respondents did not close the purchase process because they were not able to find a coupon code and 7% do so because they have very clear how the purchase method and payment functions and therefore are confused by how make the checkout. This latest discovery is the most painful for ecommerce as it is not that consumers do not want to buy or unwilling to pay for the products the rate that ask but the store has become so difficult that no they know what to do to get it.

Amid this bad news for the world of ecommerce, the survey also shows a more or less positive note. 20% of consumers buy everything you put in your virtual shopping basket.

Why buy online?

The study also focused on other aspects of online buying and asked consumers why ecommerce prefer to offline trade. Comfort and price are the main factors explaining that buyers have made the leap to electronic commerce. 41% of respondents noted, in fact, they do because it’s more comfortable. 21% They stressing that it is easier to find better prices and 14% pointing to the variety of available products is much higher than in physical stores adds.

When buying a product or not, the final decision goes well beyond only those criteria. 53% of consumers confesses that are influenced by positive reviews of product reviews to make a decision favorable purchase and 51% do so also for the offers you can find on the site.

But not only offers and opinions matter, so it does the appearance of the online store. For 31%, the quality of ecommerce web of influences when deciding whether to buy or not there.

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