Mobile coupons and its potential as a powerful sales tool

The rise of mobile coupons continues to increase, imposing itself on its offline version as an effective means to impact the customer and lure you to conversion.

The potential of mobile version of these discounts also far exceeds coupons that customers find and redeem via computer, as reflected in the article Mediapost.

Juniper Research study indicates that only 16 billion digital coupons will be redeemed this year. A figure that will double in less than three years, reaching 31 billion. Of these, about 3 out of 4 (73%) will originate on mobile devices, device through which 85% will be exchanged.

Mobile coupons and its potential as a powerful sales toolThe study of Toluna for RĂ©tale on purchases during the fly to school indicated that 92% of the 1,000 respondents had used their mobile to search for coupons.

One of the great advantages of mobile coupons as a sales tool is its ability to reach the user, directly, at the right time. The trend is that coupons are consumers who find, and not vice versa. Thus, we can already see companies who send such discounts to consumers at the time they prefer, either near the store, or when they are in it.

Instead, we can still improve in this area. According L2, 36% of food companies have coupons on their website; however, only 24% of them offers them to its customers during the buying process.

Even this submission process and sending personalized coupons could be more effective. CurrentC company works to provide coupons and affiliate programs to customers during the checkout process. Thus open the door repeat purchase is allowed.

Therefore, mobile coupons awaits them a hopeful future. EMarketer also reaffirms the upward trend in the Juniper report. According to their estimates, the number of mobile users who use these devices to redeem digital coupons will double by 2016 (82.9%), taking into account the figures recorded in 2012 (46.4%).

As users become accustomed to buy with your smartphone, also they dominate in the use of coupons for online purchases. Everything will depend on the advances and improvements in usability and customer experience through these devices.

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