Top 5 Inexpensive Ways to Prevent Shop Lifting

Retail theft is a serious concern for both large and small businesses. Of course, retailers with larger budgets are able to afford the latest advances in technology to ensure proper security measurements have been taken. However, small business owners with tighter budgets may not be able to splash out on high-tech security systems. So, how can a small retail owner protect their business without breaking the bank in the process? Here are five affordable ways to help prevent shop lifting and theft:

Top 5 Inexpensive Ways to Prevent Shop Lifting

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  1. Install Locks and Shutters

Thieves usually strike at night, using the darkness to shield their actions from curious onlookers. The best way to fight against them is by making it as hard as possible for them to get inside your store. High quality metal front door locks and electric roller shutters provide strong security against intruders, helping to ensure that all of your valuable stock remains safe and sound. When you need a Belfast Emergency Locksmith, choose a trusted company such as, who will be able to secure your business premises in times of emergency.

  1. Visible Security Cameras

If you have installed security cameras and CCTV surveillance, make sure that it not only is placed in the most optimal position, but that any potential criminals can see it. Once shoplifters notice the cameras, they will most likely back off. The risk of being caught is increased, and most shoplifters are not willing to take the chance.

  1. Shoplifting Policy Signage

A cheap way to scare off potential shoplifters is to display signage such as “shoplifters will be prosecuted” in the store. According to Shopify, one of the best areas of the shop to place such as a sign is near the front door, since this is one of the first areas a customer will see upon entering your store. It is also wise to display them near surveillance cameras for extra impact.

  1. Use Mirrors

A lot of stores use mirrors to help eliminate blind spots. Shoplifters are clever. They will search for the hidden spots of the store, including areas that the cameras cannot see. This gives them plenty of space and opportunity to swipe products from the shelves without getting caught. Mirrors, on the other hand, help to maximize visibility. Staples suggests that taller displays are set up near the perimeter and the smaller ones should be closer to the register. This will allow you to have a better view of your entire store.

  1. Stay Aware

It may seem like common sense, but it is important to stay aware. You should advise members of staff to do the same, keeping a look out for suspicious behaviour and making sure to report it as soon as possible. It can be easy to spot a shoplifter. They are usually quite jumpy and nervous. They may fidget a lot and keep a close eye on the employees, waiting for their perfect opportunity to grab something from the shelf.

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