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Customer Service

In the Internet world, the importance of customer service is much higher than in the “real” world, as there is no contact “face to face” between you and your customer.

All a customer must do to evaluate your product or service is to analyze how your site interacts with (or she) online and how you respond to their concerns.

I invite you to read the story of the customer who never returns, that although it has been written in the context of the real world, applies perfectly to the virtual world.

Neglect your prospects and most likely will encounter …


I’m a good customer. You all know me. I am the one who never complains no matter what kind of service they give me.

I walk into a restaurant and I expect to be treated while the employee talks to his friends and did not bother to see if my food is ready to take take. Sometimes people who came after me are served first and I do not complain when the employee says, “I’m sorry, transmit your order again.” I only wait. I’m not complaining and I am considerate of the other person. If by chance the waiter is those who bother if I want to take my time reading the menu, I’m as decent as possible, because not think I should be aggressive in response to his attitude. Paten never, I never complain, do not criticize and do not even dream of making a scene as I see that some people do in public places. I do not think that’s the way. No, I’m rather good customer, and will also will discuss other things I …


This is my way to react when they treat me badly. This is the reason why stand all the way you treat me, because I know that we will be more than tied for the mere fact of no return. This may not calm down my frustrations, but it is much more deadly than make a public scene. In fact, a few good customers like me can ruin your business and in the world there are many good customers like me.

When abuse us, we’re just going away and spend our money in places where they are smart enough to hire people who appreciate customers.

There say that “he who laughs last laughs best.” I laugh when I see you spend your money on expensive advertising campaigns to try to keep me as a customer again, as always could’ve had with just a few kind words, a smile and a “thank you”.

I do not care what kind of business you’re in. I’ve probably never heard of you and most likely you have not heard of me. But if your business is on its way to bankruptcy or if your business is wrong, perhaps it is because there are enough people like me who do know who you are …


Assuming you have a friendly web site for the end user and a professional design, everything will be in the hands of effective communication. It is not uncommon to find people or companies that are slow to answer the emails a week or even more.

In the world of business “in-line” reply to a mail in a day could be considered acceptable. However, if you have the ability to answer during the first hour, certainly will impress your potential customers and place it in a position of substantial advantage over the competition.


  • The potential client has not yet made a purchase decision and is very likely evaluating alternative products or services. A quick answer to a question will make your company and its offer is in the foreground in the mind of the potential customer.
  • It will show your potential customers that you are present and that there is someone behind the “shop”.
  • The customer service is the key that will allow you to differentiate from competitors who do not respond quickly.

How to respond effectively?

  • Provide a complete response. Put yourself in the “shoes” of the potential customer. What is the problem? What are the real solutions? and give them solutions and indications that steps should be taken.
  • Be honest. If your product does not match the needs of the potential customer, or if you can not help you, tell that and offer alternatives. No doubt they appreciate their collaboration and will surely return in their search when they need your products or services.
  • If possible, do not refer them to someone else. If there is no alternative to answering email send a copy (CC) to whom you refer and continue to have “ownership” of the problem or customer concerns.
  • Be clear and concise in your answers.
  • When replying to an email, it is always good to include the original message from your prospect or cite specific portions of your message. Do not expect the potential customer to remember exactly what he wrote. Many e-mail programs let you do this automatically by placing the symbol “>” at the beginning of each line. In the interests of simplicity, only include the relevant portions of the message. If the message is too long, delete everything that is not related to his response.
  • Take time to check spelling in your messages before sending.
  • Never answer ALL CAPS. It is against the rules of etiquette (netiquette) on the Web and can be interpreted as that you are SHOUTING!
  • Never send copies of your messages to multiple people using the Cc (carbon copy). This will cause all message recipients have the email address of all that you send the message. In replacement, use the BCC field (carbon copy Hidden), this will hide the e-mail address of the recipients.

I could go on and on, but for the purposes of this article think I’ve covered enough. I hope the next time you sit down at your computer (PC), this article will help you get the most from this global communication tool called email.

In the world of business “in-line” reply to a mail in a day could be considered acceptable. However, if you have the ability to answer during the first hour, certainly will impress your potential customers and place it in a position of substantial advantage over the competition.

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