Social networks provide consumers the discovery, research and connecting with brands

Although methods for users to discover, find and get in touch with brands varies greatly from one another, the fact is that, according to a study Wildfire, rely heavily on social networks during all stages of their life as customers.

It is no coincidence that this week Oracle made known that most marketers are satisfied with the momentum that social networks have given the brand awareness among your target audience, who have observed an improvement of 84% in the degree of affinity with customers and other both in their faithfulness. Social Media strategies, provided they are well designed, allow companies to find your target, be present when they seek and establish the relationship they expect.

Social networks provide consumers the discovery, research and connecting with brandsFirst, to publicize the brand and make it visible to the maximum number of people within your target, advertising on social networks is garnering much success among brands. Investments in social advertising space are paying off for companies seeking to increase awareness of your brand, product or service. In fact, 41% of users recognizes that social networks are the means by which normally hear about the launch of new products to market.

In this first phase of discovery, search engines like Google or Bing also play an important role and are considered useful by 34% of social network users. But comments from friends and followers on their social profiles are almost at the same level, since 33% of those surveyed by Wildfire ensures you usually find new brands and products through comments and posts on social networks. Followed announcements by email (31%), and somewhat lower in the ranking are online advertising in general (22%) and online video (22%).

Second, in the search and investigation phase when they are thinking of buying a service or product, 40% of US social network users use search engines. It is the most common way to find brands that are looking for.Social networks continue to make strong support these searches, with 37% of users who ensures consult them before deciding to buy. In this particular study, the websites that collect reviews and customer feedback about the services or products are few places below, being indicated by 22% of users.

Finally, once users are already customers of the brand, it would be normal to expect that relate to it and were abreast of their news through their social profiles. The reality is very close to being so, but according to the report Wildfire has not yet been the case. In this part of the cycle of life of the customer, the loyalty, the pages of the companies most interest to users of social networks, and most, by 55% he refers to as his main way to keep in touch with brands . Although it is fair to acknowledge that social networks follow him closely, 52% of respondents says so.

The study comes to the conclusion, as stated in its title, that committed social followers are the best ambassadors of the brands. The tools made available to social networks can be well used by companies to make the most of every phase of the lifecycle of the customer, because this usually uses social channels to discover, investigate, make decisions and establish longer-term relationships.

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