What strategies used by marketers to increase their databases?

The main purpose of email marketing strategies is to sell, but also generating brand awareness and deepening customer knowledge have an important gap in planning. But the truth is that its success is largely on the quality and breadth of the database at their disposal.

It is somewhat curious that marketers recognize that email marketing tactics that most use to expand their databases are not the most effective.But still they used because they are the easiest to implement, according to a recent study by ExactTarget that surveyed nearly 400 professionals, mostly Americans.

What strategies used by marketers to increase their databasesThe study asked respondents to identify those most used tactics to increase their bases emails and rate the effectiveness of each of them to get quality subscribers.

The biggest discrepancies between use and effectiveness were given, first, in the general registration forms web pages. While 74% of marketers say use it, only 42% consider it to be an effective formula. Similarly, although to a lesser extent, requests for specific registration for different sections of the site are used by more than half of professionals, 52%, but only 45% of them recognize its effectiveness. Just as getting e-mail through Facebook is a fairly common (45%) and instead only 31% efficient practice qualifies tactic.

Just reverse situation a set of tactics, tied to ads and mobile devices, which are considered especially effective to attract quality subscribers are those with more interest in the brand, they will not dispose of shipments without reading or sending to the spam folder the first opportunity.

The option of offering subscription while the user is viewing content in a mobile application is only used by 12% of professionals and instead a a comfortable majority of 59% say that it is an effective formula. Perhaps the most, along with request mail account to download an application (55%), tactic they use only 13% of marketers.

In this group of wide effectiveness but little use, are also ads on search engines that send the user to a landing page with email opt-ins. 50% of those surveyed by Exact Target values its effectiveness, but only 27% of them use these ads for this purpose. Also mobile ads, which use a meager 12% of respondents, is valued as useful by 41% of them.

In the field offline, what more work to gradually increase the databases of email marketing are attracting mail through sales calls, used by 23% and have, in the opinion of professionals, 71 % effective.

Also store loyalty programs are considered by 67% of marketers as effective but are only used in 18% of cases. The collection of addresses in the process of check-out (57%) or the acquisition of accounts by sending tickets or invoices for shipments (55%) are also popular tactics among marketers even though its use is less 20%.

It is curious that even as the e-mail a digital marketing resource, methods to capture databases outside the virtual ground are those who have marketeres in highest esteem. The problem is that its use is reduced to a more limited number of companies that have the resources to carry them out, because not all brands have a physical store or call center.

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