Trends in Internet Shopping

Just a few years ago, the concept of easy and convenient shopping on the web would have been unimaginable to most people. In modern times, technology is developing at a startling rate, and more importantly, it is getting cheaper. This means that constant access to the internet is now affordable to most of the population, and this fact has led to great changes in the way the general public is choosing to shop.

Trends in Internet Shopping

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Who Shops Online?

As we know, internet usage is now almost universal, and this has meant that more and more people are opting to make a large proportion of their purchases online. According to the Consumer Council, around two-thirds of those aged between 25 and 34 shop online along with approximately half of those in the age group of 45 to 54. These figures do start to decline amongst older people, with only 14% of those over 65 opting to utilise internet shopping. There is also a huge income differential, with around 80% of high earners buying online compared to approximately 30% of those with a low household income. We can only speculate as to why this might be, but one possibility is that less well off sectors of the community may lack access to a credit or debit card to make online payments. This is an unfortunate situation, as shopping around on the web can lead to substantial discounts which those on a lower income would benefit from greatly.

The Popularity of Online Grocery Shopping

One factor which has truly revolutionised the way we shop is the availability of online grocery shopping. Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda have all offered this service for years, and Morrison’s has recently entered the marketplace due to popular demand from their customers. In fact, according to the Guardian, the major supermarkets had to double their warehouse space last year in order to keep up with the demand for internet orders.

Many people can benefit from ordering their weekly shop online and having it delivered. This service is a godsend for the elderly and disabled and is also a real boon for busy full-time workers as well. Many people have previously had concerns about short sell-by dates, but this seems to have improved recently as retailers realise that customers still demand the same high standards that they would expect in store.

The rise in shopping on the internet means that if you are a company owner, your website is all important in terms of promoting your products and services. If you prefer not to deal with this side of the business yourself for whatever reason, you can employ the professionals, such as , whose speciality is web design in Leicester.

It is crucial in the modern marketplace to make the most of your online presence in order to grow your business. If you do not have the necessary knowledge or hours to spare yourself, an expert service can ensure that you can still compete. Taking advantage of the boom in internet sales can only be a good thing in terms of taking your business to greater and greater heights.

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