Mobile search play a key role in choosing restaurant

The mobile plays an important role among consumers when choosing a restaurant. The study published earlier this year by ConstantContact indicated that 92% of respondents had sought a restaurant online with their mobile in the last 6 months.

Smart devices are a useful and effective, always handy tool. 75% of customers choose a restaurant based on the proposals found via mobile, while 80% want appreciates being able to see the menu online before deciding on the establishment.

Mobile search play a key role in choosing restaurantThe survey by Telmetrics in United Kingdom shows how mobile is a key sector of the restoration factor. 49% of respondents indicated that when it comes to looking for a place to eat, only use your handheld.

Restaurant mobile searches have a high conversion rate

More than half of these searches is done outside the home, at the time the client needs this service. Consumers seek their smartphone mainly a place to eat (68%), but also a good restaurant (41%) or pub (35%).

This type of searches recorded a high conversion rate. The study estimates that 80% of the volume generated from these demands of online shopping information. One of every 3 conversions occurs within the same time that the search is performed, while 66% are realized on the same day of the search.

What kind of information customers seek Restaurant?

64% of consumers need to know the exact location of the property. 49% directly looks up the address, while one of every 3 rather find the phone number. Surprisingly, only half of the restaurants include a click to call on the information displayed in search results, representing a plus of competence.

A decisive factor when choosing a restaurant is the fact that it might acquire positive recommendations from other customers. 59% of customers specifically looking for this type of information with your mobile. Another important point is the geolocation. Restaurants are in the area closest to the user are the ones who are more likely to get the customer, but you need to show this information in an accessible form. Finally, the restaurant’s web site must be optimized for mobile, in order to easily show customers all the information they need.

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