Buying discharge equipment for your bulk bags? 5 more things to know first

Having made the decision to use bulk bags, there are a number of considerations which must be taken into account. The first five featured in our previous article, but here are five more to bear in mind.

Buying discharge equipment for your bulk bags

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1. Detailed Information

It is essential that design engineers are equipped with detailed information regarding the process requirements, layout and the material properties.

2. Project Parameters

It is important to select designers who are able to fulfil the project parameters in the best and most efficient way. Sometimes it is most appropriate to use the company who are able to offer a complete service of project management, from original conception to design and completion. However, this may not always be the case, especially if there is an element of the process which requires the use of a partner company.

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3. Testing Facilities and Expertise

As the need for bulk bags increases alongside the requirement for specialist systems in line with technological advancement and high safety standards, there is also a greater need for access to state-of-the-art testing facilities. It is only through rigorous testing, data collections, scientific interpretation of results, a high level of technical expertise and experience that solutions can be supplied.

4. Lifetime Operating Costs

Before choosing a specific system for bulk bags, it is important to also look into the lifetime operating costs. Any system will be a considerable investment and will last a significant length of time. The cost of operation, spares and maintenance should all be taken into account alongside the initial outlay investment. Some suppliers will be able to offer support packages for long term maintenance.

5. Care Packages

Again, the cost of care and repair for bulk bag systems can prove significant. Many of the market leaders offer care packages which run for the life of the machinery involved. These can include emergency maintenance, as well as routine maintenance and servicing. Undertaking a service agreement of this kind can reduce the pressure on any in-house support systems and increase the life of the machinery in the long term.

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