Mobility drives social media but its advertising effectiveness remains dubious

This year there is no doubt, mobility is playing a very important role in the turnover of many businesses and businesses. But not only that, according to Nielsen’s Social Media Report 2012, mobile devices have also become very much the engine of growing the most popular social networks.

In total, US consumers accounted for more than 121 billion minutes of social networking in July this year, a 37% increase over the same period in 2011. And much of this growth has been thanks to the Mobility, as consumers have increased by up to 63% the use of social applications and internet access on the mobile.

Analyzing the most popular services, Nielsen has seen the number of unique users of Facebook’s mobile applications grew by 88% from year to year, while the number of unique mobile visitors to Facebook’s website grew by 85%. Twitter has enjoyed even greater numbers, with growth of 134% in its mobile applications and 140% in access to its mobile web.

And considering that the total Facebook audience in the US Decreased by 4% in this year 2012, and that Twitter grew by 13%, it is clear that the success of popular social networks will depend to a large extent on how well companies can operate in the mobile world.

It will also depend, of course, on how quickly they can effectively monetize their different proposals, thanks to advertising, that can help companies to increase their sales. And this is where Nielsen is skeptical.

The analyst firm has identified that about a quarter of consumers are “more attentive to what their contacts and friends are uploading to the networks,” a third of users report finding ads on these platforms “more annoying than other online ads “. Only a quarter of users are comfortable with profile-based information, and only 17% “feel comfortable connecting with the companies they have seen on social networks.” And that said, only 10% of social network users have made an online purchase caused by an advertisement seen in them, and only 8% have gone on to make an offline purchase.

And while companies continue to invest heavily in social networks, and with an increasingly important offering of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, Nielsen data should serve as a reminder that, although companies have already decided to bet on Incorporating mobile social networks into their campaigns, that does not mean that the problems of monetization of these networks have been satisfactorily resolved

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