Do we give our social media strategy enough time to make it effective?

A little we have introduced us into the digital marketing, we will have heard more than a forum that of: “equivocate, but err on fast.” Our subjective perception of time has changed. Yore were able to wait until 30 minutes a friend who gave us and now sit before it reaches the time of the appointment are sending a whastapp our bidden to warn that we are on the site, how much you have left to go.

Similarly, marketing campaigns that previously took months of preparation and launch for offline, now designed and set up in a matter of days or weeks for the online channel, called “The Impatient marketer” has come.

The phenomenon is especially clear in social networks where, if the answer is not immediate or too warm, it quickly considered a waste of time. Before sending all the work to hell, honestly appreciates the work and checks that meets these basic criteria.

Do we give our social media strategy enough time to make it effectiveMy content is really useful?

Useful content is one from which the user can extract some value from a fact that unaware and that is relevant to what they do, even tickets to a VIP pass to an event, or an offer of employment may appeal to your followers.But even the launch of your new product, provided that the benefits it has for those who read will be highlighted.

To make your content stand out from the flood of blogs, tweets and even videos and photos, you have to offer something really worthwhile for the reader. Before throwing checks that responds to the reader magic question is: why should I care?

Your content invites the engagement?

The content that is truly effective invited to participate in the conversation.It can arise in terms of debate or discussion with a question about a hot or controversial. However, it must always be related to the sector and the business environment to help to place our brand in the rightful place in the collective imagination. The number of people in favor or against the discussion does not matter, but the ultimate goal is to promote conversation and community involvement.

It is not always necessary to resort to the dispute, of course. Ask for advice or ask the audience their opinion or help is always a strategy that works well to build and keep alive and involved with social brand communities.

Another way to encourage participation is to introduce some kind of reward for those who answer. Contests and sweepstakes help give life to the sleepy community, but can not be used as an instrument daily because their abuse ends up generating the opposite to the desired effect, apathy or boredom.

You’re giving up before we start?

Social media experts know very well. Build an online community requires much effort and imagination to create useful content and really connect with users, but also requires large doses of patience and time.

In this sense it for social networking marketing the old adage: when you’re already starting to stuff yourself to put your ad is when your audience begins to realize that it exists. You’ll have to assess what is the best frequency of publications, how often you can really throw a post, tweet or participate in the discussions of other forums and social networks. Set a time and follow the plan, evaluating the results every certain period. And the latter brings us to the last criterion.

You have realistic metrics?

One of the big mistakes in social networks continue to commit many companies is to think that a Facebook account or blog will begin to bill directly. You can not measure the results of a social media strategy in terms of sales. It is not their task. But you can assess their level of engagement in terms of retweets, likes, number of times shared content, discussions in which it participated, reproductions of a video and a whole long list of actions undertaken fans and show a degree of interest in the activity of the company.

Currently there are platforms like HubSpot even integrate all these data interaction in the company CRM (Customer Relation Management). This allows us to know more precisely the ROI they generate activity on social networks, making full track customers who began their relationship with the company at first I like our publication and ended up buying our product.

Have you ever stopped to think about these criteria before throwing in the towel with your social media strategy?

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