9 Ways to maintain productivity when you work from home

Working from home sounds pretty tempting. You can wear what you like, eat when you feel like it, send to your friends, run errands and be home with your family. However, this list of benefits can often play against you and do not fulfill your daily tasks.

If you find yourself in this situation and would like sticking a calendar to help you improve your productivity, consider these 9 tips:

1. Find your most productive hours

Everyone has a place and a few hours in which it is more productive. Maybe prefer to sit in your office at night with the lights off, the blinds were drawn and a blanket on her lap. Or maybe, you like working under the sun, early in the morning on your terrace. Find your time and perfect place and Make the most to push through the most complicated tasks.

Ways to maintain productivity when you work from home

2. Dress

It is very comfortable to work in pajamas and slippers bear; however, that comfort zone can be your undoing. The use of comfortable clothes too often can lead to a greater desire to relax instead of working. Professional dress clothes will make you feel like in an office, finding a peak of productivity.

3. Manage your projects

There are several tools you can use to stay organized, whether you work as a team and if you work alone.
For example, software tools and applications to help you with your accounting, scheduling your social networks, to assign tasks to other members of your equipment, or other blocking some websites during the time you’re working. No matter what tools to use and when you always help you stay organized.

4. Controls distractions

Emails, children, roommates, pets, food, television, internet … These are some of the most tempting for freelancer’s distractions, so if you want to keep your productivity at bay, must destroy them. Choose a workplace where they can not bother and leave the phone and emails when you’re done most urgently.

5. Establishes a fixed working hours

Planning your time is very important to have a productive day. Choosing your own hours is one of the biggest advantages of working from home. Do you prefer working from 08:00 to 14:00, or else you’d rather work for the evening? As we discussed in item # 1 above, you must find your most productive hours of work and plan your day around them.

6. Ask yourself a daily, weekly and monthly goals

The short- and long-term help maintain productivity and be more creative. Write your goals and achievements every day and see how you’re advanced, this will help motivate you and keep striving and improving your work.

7. Salt social networks

Social networks are very useful to promote yourself and get new contacts, but when you’re working become your greatest enemy. During your working hours salt scheduled social networks, or even better, block until you have finished your tasks.

8. Do some exercise

Sitting in a chair all day not only contributes to the loss of muscle mass, but it can also contribute to lost productivity. When you stay still all day, you may feel sleepy and tired. Dedicating an hour a day to exercise, so this will increase your efficiency while you keep motivated.

9. Plan your day ahead

When you work from home, your work schedule can fluctuate from day to day, so you should write down all the tasks you need to complete the next day or even make a provisional timetable for completion. Besides this, prepare your meals and collect your office for the day will make you start working much more relaxed.

What advice would you give to a freelance worker you working from home? Tell us in the comments!

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