Internet is mobile and users no longer distinguish between screens

Companies primarily value your business. Everything that reverts to your benefit and development translates into trust and investment towards any provider.

It is evident that in a field as solicitous and hectic as it is the Internet, the customers sail with respect and some suspicion. In short, some have lived the crack of .com, others are unaware of and distrust of the siren songs that proclaim immediate results combined with little risk of loss of investment … All of them usually have a common factor and determinant in this attitude, The limited training and experience of its management and management teams.

Internet is mobile and users no longer distinguish between screensI think the key to tackling a web project with guarantees of success, which is basically what a client requests, is based on 3 basic points:

First, Determine objectives. Most clients need basic help. Know what they want to be able to understand what they need.

It is surprising to see how many clients do not know their objectives according to their CAC, nor have they studied the value of life of their customers, or basic estimates of margin according to products or services … in short, in many cases our work enters In the area of business consulting related to a new medium of exploitation. Perhaps this is highly valued by the customer because above all it is providing a unique business vision.

Second, set scope of work. If we are clear the way and the objectives to be achieved we can determine the scope of the work. This does not mean that we can tackle all tasks at the same time, mainly due to a financial, time and structure obstacle.

One of the secrets of Internet businesses is to learn how to define the core of the site and learn how to implement improvements over time. You save time and money and you learn to incorporate improvements by analyzing your metrics, the market trend and the experience gained throughout those development phases.

And finally, Prioritize and phase the developments: We know what goals we want to achieve, we know how big the job plot can be and it’s time to score the tasks to be done.

The assessment of the tasks must be done from 2 points of view: cost and convenience. Human cost, development … and convenience responds to a simple question, how much does this task approach me to achieve the objectives set?

Once we have solved all the questions, the development phases will become a reality.

With this methodology, the client gets to know what he wants, how he wants it and above all how much time and money he is going to assume.

Objective fulfilled. Customer trained, aware of the timing and scope and committed to work side by side with your Internet provider from the trust of who knows what you want and what will be the end result.

You are a strong advocate of Online Marketing What differentiates a polyvalent profile from a specialist in a particular area?

I’m in love with Swiss knives. I understand that as a cook, seamstress or carpenter, the Swiss Army Knife will never be present among my tools and yet if I had to choose a utensil to work in these 3 fields simultaneously I would like to always have this knife next to me.

In short, specialization depends on the size of a company. A web analyst from an international hotel chain will not have specific times to manage other jobs, such as recruitment or positioning. The same case we could apply it in the person responsible for capturing an ecommerce platform when it comes to performing the analytical reporting.

However, it is clear that online marketing is still a titanic. A large ship with many compartments connected to each other. Pretending not to understand, to ignore or to ignore what happens in other parts of the ship, not only impoverishes my work but, in the medium and long term, ends up flooding and flooding my work.

It is for this reason that I am a strong advocate of multidisciplinary training. I will never end up understanding that analyst responsible who does not understand that fundraising campaigns are being carried out and the strategy followed, nor will I understand the fund manager who does not measure, understand and pursue established conversion metrics and always look for new solutions for improvement and increase.

In short, whenever you grow vertically (by specialization) do not lose sight of drawing horizontal connections with other departments that enrich your vision on a particular field.

What do you think is the key to a successful marketing plan?

I would not speak of the key but of the keys:

1. Study our industry, consumption habits, searches and interactions of potential customers

2. Determine clear, quantifiable and realistic objectives

3. Create easily implemented short-term strategies

4. Implement actions that produce results adjusted in time and profitability

5. To guide the tactics of the actions to be carried out in function of the tendency of the results, the temporality of the sector, the feedback of our users in social networks and other channels of attention to the client.

The important thing is to look for solutions not tools. The tools facilitate actions but do not bring creativity or improve results by themselves but are accompanied by innovation, knowledge and ideas.

We are close to stabilizing, to understand what we can ask and demand social networks and above all to clarify a map where there are nomenclatures, suppliers and lack of knowledge to know how to establish strategies that find in social networks a fundamental support for the development of their business And communication plans.

And what is the most common mistake?

For me the fundamental error is to go to social networks wanting to collect benefits rather than providing solutions.

Trademarks must understand that the philosophy that supports Social Media in a basic conversion funnel: need, value, service.

Need: Users relate to each other and to brands as a matter of necessity. They seek, find and hope that someone can interact with it. This reality is applicable to a service, product, hobbie …

Value: We must, at a minimum, match customer expectation. Not only do we solve this need but we can offer effective solutions or alternatives with all the resources available to them. This offer is no longer a imposed dialogue, not even a monologue, because it is the user himself who is the protagonist of the relationship.

Service: Those users who are satisfied to have a determined need and find value in our relationship will have a greater tendency to contract our service as we have proven to be effective in resolving this situation.

At Sixtobeat you have a group of young professionals. What profiles does the sector demand right now?

The sector demands people who vibrate with the Internet, who can demonstrate that he / she knows how to make money for clients, and above all, that he / she never stops learning from what today moves under our feet.

The best professionals are the ones who work hard in your company and also have healthy restlessness to try to carry out new projects.

Where else you learn is betting with your own resources (time, money) to run a business, however small. This is decisive in what you can bring to the agency and to the customers you manage.

What do you think trends will be in the coming months?

There are 2 very clear realities: Internet is mobile and users no longer distinguish between screens. That means that your point of need and demand extends to the world and not to a corner of home or office. Now we want to be able to buy, consult, claim, ask or pay from our smartphone. And that is also applicable to customer service, to outlets on the street.

Internet is intelligence applied to business. The information is multiplied and it becomes more and more necessary to know how to offer bounded answers depending on the clues that the user leaves us wherever he navigates.

Dynamic sites, networks and behavior-based apps. It is a reality every day more extended but we have much to see … and enjoy, of course.

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