Email Marketing Yes, But In Moderation

A difficult balance for companies when working with emails, something like 7 and a half. If we do not arrive it is bad, if we spend it is worse.

Companies need to use e-mail as the preferred channel of communication for consumers, but at the same time they should be careful not to abuse and end up sending too many messages that lead to rejection. 

Email Marketing Yes, But In ModerationAccording to the results of a Lyris study sponsored by The Economist Intelligence Unit, consumers in the US and the UK point out with an overwhelming 80% that one of their two main frustrations about using online communications Of enterprises is the high number of unsolicited messages. But asked about how they would like to receive information on new products (other than general advertising), the answers put the email first.

Specifically, when asked about this, consumers received a list in which they had to mark their three preferred choices. The answers were e-mail first (37%), followed by printed catalogs (35%), personal recommendations (33%), and recommendations received through a trusted web site (30%) –

However, among the list of options with a lower preference, e-mail also appears, although with a much lower percentage (11%), followed by the telephone (64%). Curiously, blogs (other than company officials) and third-party social networking sites were the preferred choice of only 18% versus 38% that discarded them.

As far as the element before the final purchase decision was concerned, personal recommendations (36%) and recommendations from third party pages (33%) were ahead of e-mail (30%) as the preferred source of communication , With the telephone call (59%) and social pages of third parties (34%) as the first of the least desired options, followed by mobile devices.

Finally, e-mail is at the top of the preferred post-purchase communication channel (52%).

This result shows that e-mail is still in the first place at different times in the buying cycle.

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