Retargeting Advantages and Disadvantages

This online marketing technique is known both by the name of retargeting and by the name of remarketing, the second we owe it to Google since it has coined with this term the possibility of performing this technique with its tools.

The goal of this technique is to finish the conversion that the user has abandoned for a number of circumstances before finalizing a purchase, a registration, a contact form, etc.

Retargeting Advantages and DisadvantagesHow does it work?

A user visits our website, does not finish the action for which he had accessed and left. Well what we do with this technique is to chase the user through other websites through banners. This is possible because when a user visits our website the cookie ID of that user is added to a list.

The advantages of this advertising technique is that we can better target our target audience, we can know what products or services are interested, where it comes from, etc. And to address to him in the most interesting way he can be, we also have the advantage that he already knows us.

Although we can not always verify that the client has visited us really have pending completion of the action . If you are in a public place, or if you have finished the conversion by phone or in person if the website has a physical store.

Users can feel persecuted if we do not set the frequency limits where the ad is shown.

If we do not segment campaigns well and create general ads we may see our investment hurt. We have to establish a strategy that helps us prioritize our objectives and establish the user segments we want to target. By sections, categories, those that have included products in the cart but have not purchased, others that have arrived at the registration form but have not finalized, etc.

The retargeting technique offers positive results since the conversion rate of these campaigns is usually quite high. But we must keep in mind that can not be the only one in our online strategy , since her reuse traffic but not generate new visitors and therefore not expand our number of customers.

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