More than 37% of marketing emails already open on mobile devices

Mobile phones and tablets continue to move computers slowly as devices for opening email marketing and are profiled as a decisive factor to take into account for brands in all processes that concern this discipline. Splio, direct marketing company specializing in email marketing, has just published the 3rd Barometer Splio openings mobile email marketing ; A study conducted in the Spanish market that has become the benchmark thermometer to understand the evolution and revolution that mobile devices are leading in the field of email marketing.

More than 37% of marketing emails already open on mobile devicesThe new barometer of Splio, based on 455 million emails sent in Spain, reveals that 37.06% of emails are already open from mobile devices. A figure that, in this month of June, has already surpassed 41%, getting closer and closer to the estimate of reaching 50% at the end of the year.

These reported rates represent an increase of almost ten points in relation to  the latest barometer  made, the second half of 2012 and in which open rates stood at less than 30%.

However this estimation not only depends on the behavior of the users, but also will determine to a great extent if the senders of email marketing, adapt their communications to these devices or not. This is not only at stake as the user sees the communication, but also the brand image, customer loyalty and ultimately sales in the coming months.

Although mobile penetration and the opening rate are currently in a parallel evolution, it is very likely that this will break in the near future, causing the opening rates to continue rising while mobile penetration stagnates. This is due to different factors, including the end of the subsidies of mobile phones by some operators and the economic situation that crosses the country, which will make the penetration slows down.

 The advance of the iPad as an email marketing reader

Although the iPhone stands as the device with the highest percentage of email marketing openings, the most remarkable fact of this first half of 2013, is the rise of tablets as a device to open email marketing. In this category the iPad is the most used device, with 25.04% of openings. The Android Tablets are far behind, with only 3%, but that is double the opening of what they registered just 6 months ago, which augura that will continue to grow in the coming months.

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