A room of one’s own: why a designated workspace is so important

Working in the coffee shop may have its attractions; however, there are some very good reasons why having a designated workspace is so important. Whether a loft conversion, a cubbyhole under the stairs or a fabulous garden office, 85 per cent of freelancers prefer to work from their own designated office space.

A room of one's own

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Taking control

Whether you are working from a coffee shop or a library, or even if you work from a cubicle in an office, you can’t control your working environment. Create your own designated workspace and if you want music, you can play it loud. If silence works best for you, there are no distractions. Whatever your preferred way of working, you can tailor a designated workspace to your needs.

Organisation and designation

If your business is document-heavy, you can organise your office so it is easy to lay your hands on your files. If you prefer to have space for ideas and mood boards, a designated space gives you room to yourself.

Equip your office with designated equipment and you won’t be waiting while your partner prints off the children’s homework. Better yet, you can choose the office equipment that is exactly right for you, such as an ergonomic chair that fits like a glove and a functional desk that helps you to get – and stay – organised.

Light and space

Research shows that workers who get plenty of exposure to natural light are 15 per cent more creative than their colleagues. Natural light is also a natural mood enhancer and boosts serotonin, melatonin and vitamin D. If you have a garden office room, you will benefit from contact with the natural elements, fresh air and – hopefully – sunlight, improving your office performance.

Reducing stress

Remove the commute and remove the stress that can impact your productivity. Choose a garden office from a supplier such as http://www.gardenspaces.co.uk/ and you will enjoy all the benefits of a designated workspace just a short distance from your back door. You will start your working day relaxed, refreshed and ready to be creative.


From a beach pebble to a child’s drawing, we all draw inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. Whether this is gazing out on your garden or a postcard of faraway places, surround yourself with inspiration to spark motivation and creativity.

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