Is digital marketing “turning off” conventional marketing?

In recent years and especially after the emergence of social networks and social media, many believe that consumers are “turning off” traditional marketing.

Many are the companies that during the last twelve months have made large investments in digital marketing, in fact the advertising investment in search engine marketing during this period showed an increase of 10%. A growth that has also been experienced in other sectors of digital marketing such as mobile marketing or advertising in media and social networks.

Experts and analysts believe that more and more companies are allocating and increasing their resources and investments towards the digital marketing market to the detriment of traditional marketing channels.

Karin von Abrams, an analyst at eMarketer, stressed in this regard that “the current web and the internet have acquired a leading role in the commercialization strategies of the vast majority of brands”.

However, instead of excluding traditional marketing actions in the promotion and marketing processes, companies should use both digital and conventional media as part of a “mix” of strategies.

In this sense, Kevin Dendy of the DMA, suggests that digital marketing is more effective when used in conjunction with conventional marketing methods and strategies since at their own discretion “no channel is better than the others”.

Other industry experts consider, however, that current consumers do not keep away from the impact and reach of traditional marketing strategies, but that they are undoubtedly increasingly immune to actions that simply show a message aimed at consumer as well as those that only develop through the new social media.

In this sense, companies must know how to choose what kind of platforms and strategies to use to conquer the type of consumers they are looking for, since some will be of interest to certain people more than others.

It’s something that Rachel Aldighieri, public relations manager at the DMA, agrees with. “A marketing strategy that has clearly defined its target audience and uses the most appropriate channel or combinations of different channels to reach consumers with a personalized message with which to capture your attention “will be much more effective and attractive to the users and consumers.

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