10 tools that you should use as marketing director

I recently read the article “Keys to consider yourself a modern marketer”, it differed both sides should have a good marketing manager: artistic and scientific. In this post I’m going to dig a little deeper in the scientific part and so we reach a range of online tools that can make our much more effective work, some of which have already become indispensable to develop our digital marketing campaigns.

10 tools that you should use as marketing directorHelpful tools for a marketing director

They not have to be 100% this because there are many variations but the functionality should be the same:

1- Hootsuite similar: If you run different accounts on social networks and want to make a professional use you need a tool like Hootsuite. As a director, your account will be managed to control the work of the community manager and incidentally, get all these features:

– Monitor conversations, your brand or competition

– Manage all your social networks from a single point

– Schedule the publication of content

– Analyze the impact of your publications

2- Salesforce CRM tool with multiple applications that allow managing large sales departments as well as connect with customers and close deals faster.

3- The main tools of Google:

– Google Adwords: to carry out all your campaigns CPC (cost per click) on the search engine Google

– Google editor: to manage different Google adwords campaigns or make major changes within a campaign.

– Google analytics: to measure everything that happens on your site: visits, bounce rates, CTR, records ..

– Google Alerts : to generate alerts and find out everything that is said about your company on the net.

Other social tools 4- ads:

– Facebook ads: tool to create campaigns CPC on facebook

– Linkedin ads: to carry out campaigns CPC within this social network. Very useful for campaigns B2B (business to business)

5- Mailchimp or similar: to internal emailing campaigns is need of a solvent email marketing tool that we can offer credible reports of parameters such as deliverability, emails … openings.

6- HubSpot tool: their functions are: (as director of marketing your “user” is the administrator):

– Attracting visitors to your web

– Conversion Tool sales visits

– Lead Management

– Email campaigns, social media…

7- Dropbox, google drive or similar: for group work we need tools for sharing and collective editing of documents.

8- Evernote or similar: when we handle a lot of information every day, it becomes very useful to have on hand a personal productivity tool like Evernote for all data management interest.

9- Plagtracker: If you work with editors at some point you’ll need to confirm that their deliveries are not materials from other authors.

10- Tools for Improving SEO: Seoquake, Majestic SEO, seomoz … can help us optimize our search keywords and quality links.

As director of marketing ideally know to use all these tools at the user level, it is true that many and master some of them is not easy but at least worth to be comfortable with the status reports from each of them if our task is to supervise the campaigns and actions made by the marketing team.

Therefore, you consider necessary for a marketing director knows how to handle all these tools? I let some important?

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