Twitter strategy: 10 Creative Actions to boost your business

Twitter The strategy is very important. There are many users and companies using this popular social network and the “timeline” (or main wall) of twitter is increasingly saturated. Information is happening very fast and you only have a few seconds to make an impact, virility and visibility for your business.

In recent times, twitter is working hard to make us think that, apart from being a great communication medium, it is also a tool for doing business. It is adding some very interesting beyond their advertising for businesses proposed functionalities.

Twitter strategy 10 Creative Actions to boost your businessThe first is to become aware of the market that can conquer:

Twitter strategy 10 ways to boost your creative business

If you bet on this channel and you need to fix a profitable strategy notes these 10 actions:

1- Create relevant listings for your business: There are many people who can follow him on twitter and two very clear advantages you can order your twitter account lists. The first is that you can target certain tweets for any particular list. The second is to have your contacts more visible and accessible. You could organize as follows:

  • Customers.
  • Contributors.
  • Influencers and social media professionals.
  • Other people within your industry.

2- Optimize for SEO your account: As no, your twitter account can help your SEO strategy.Once you have defined the relevant keywords for your business you can enter with the sense in the description. Enter a link to your website and use “hashtags” with those words that you want to be found.

3- Use the wallpapers to make some of branding: The background is nice to highlight the color of your company’s corporate site, put the logo on large web page and the mantra of your business.

4- Create funnels: If you clear the 4 phases of a funnel on twitter (brand awareness, association message, brand preference and direct response), your content can range from low to high level of involvement with the user and get more positive actions. The trick often lies in creating stories and you’ll narrate by tweets.

5- Create a landing special page for twitter: I am aware of the frustrating it is sometimes having to put it all in 160 characters, but if you link your account with a landing specific page can better outline the objectives you pursue for your twitter account.

6- Help yourself to the best tools: Twitter has many tools to locate influencers, measure engagement, visibility statistics take your tweets … Use it to your advantage and to make strategic decisions with data in hand.

7- Original way to attract people to a physical business through twitter: Consists of the following, you have a hashtag nearby? Let me explain better, you have a bar near a monument in your city? If so, every time someone on twitter use the hashtag of the monument is that is there at the time, why not answer him on twitter and invite him to drink in your bar?

8- Use the twitter cards to generate leads: This functionality is fairly new, it is yet to see its real effectiveness but it is a good thing to try.

9- Potential incorporates tweets in your text: This generates a lot of engagement. When you go to publish a post incorporates a good phrase for that people can tweet easily.

10- Use images in your tweets: For about a year, you can post a tweet a picture with a large size. This highlights a lot in the timeline. If your products are quite visual you have a great way to advertise them on twitter.

Do you know some other creative action to promote your business on twitter? Are useful for you these strategies?

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