8 invaluable tools for hardwood floor installation

Installing or repairing a hardwood floor is made a hundred times easier if you have the right tools for the job. Take a look at this round-up before you start, and you could save yourself a lot of time and trouble.

8 invaluable tools for hardwood floor installation

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1. Block Plane

It’s much easier to get individual boards or wood blocks the way you want them if you use a block plane. Its great advantage is that it can be used one-handed for smoothing and planing down wood. Block planes usually have a blade set at 20 degrees, however some have a lower angle which helps when you are using the plane on board ends.

2. Flooring Jack

One of the trickiest things about installing flooring is working on one board or section without damaging adjoining sections. A flooring jack will hold a board in place so that you have both hands free. They’re very helpful when you’re working near a wall or where space is tight and other tools aren’t suitable.

3. Stanley or Razor Knife

A Stanley knife has no end of uses when you’re installing a floor.

4. Flooring Buffer

Preparation is key to a professional finish when installing parquet flooring in Ireland, where standards are high. Use a flooring buffer to get rid of sealants that have been used on the subfloor. Some sealants won’t allow adhesives to work properly, so this is an important step.

5. Hygrometer

A hygrometer measures the amount of water in the air, so it’s part of checking that the conditions in the location where you are installing are suitable for the job you are doing. This needn’t be bulky – some are pen-type devices.

6. Concrete Grinder

A big beast for concrete floors that are too uneven to glue a floor to. If there are just minor imperfections, a smaller grinding tool may be sufficient.

7. Manual Floor Scraper

Accurate and easy to use in a tight space, but not suitable for large floors.

8. Friendly Advice and Help

If you’re installing a floor such as parquet where finish is important, visit an architectural salvage expert who can help and advise, such as Wilsons Yard parquet flooring in Ireland.

A little advice early on in the project can save a great deal of expense and many headaches later on.

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