How To Know sell your business / activity in a minute

The title seems a bit radical, but do not kid yourself, in most contexts, even if they have more time to explayarte in this area, just one minute in which the caller in front of you will decide if you take seriously and move in interest in what you tell or will put the typical “autopilot” to nod a few times and make listening until you’re done with your “speech”.

How To Know sell your business activity in a minuteLet’s define some situations where you’re sure to see involved…

1- You are a friend down the street and stand: Hello! Hi, how are you? What are you doing now?

2- Going to a networking event, you are about to give your card … .wala! You have a minute!

3- You go to a conference and I love to exchange an email with the lecturer. Perfect, you have a minute!

4- You get a space to talk about your startup on the radio or you granted the honor to present your project at an event for “business angels”. And in these cases … .acetate, you have a minute again!

What can you do to get out of all these situations it is that you earn you the respect and attention of the people with whom you interact. Very simple, work your elevator pitch.

Once given the importance of your “elevator pitch”, most importantly, how do? How I structure for it I launched the following tips:

– “Make amount” You can be telling something really interesting but what is finally hooked “what your company can do for me? What real problem will fix me?”

– Try to convey credibility to your company / business / startup: If you have any major brand that has trusted in your project, a decent number of new customers or% growth in recent months. Your partner needs some reference to lean to keep high degree of interest in your explanation.

– Try to finish your “elevator pitch” at a high point: You must try to let your partner wanting more. As your speech is short and precise does not give you time to give “not relevant” information so the most important thing is that once you’ve released the other person have many questions to ask you.

– Objective and the call to action: You cannot get into one of these situations without knowing what your goal is and what you want to get the other person. When you are clear, get to the point, people do not have the power to read your mind so ask what you want to end without hesitation.

– Be natural: Surely you try to be funnier or more empathic than usual are going to notice that it is forced and will subtract security and credibility.

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