6 effective tips to promote your blog on social networks

In case you’re a little more experienced or first-time blogger, your blog needs to be manual sconces personalized “good practice” in social networks. Have within your reach many interesting channels depending on the type of content you’re publishing and also many tools 100% useful for:

  • Find the best times of publication.
  • Find potential audience.
  • Debug the content to be aware of the items that interest.

6 effective tips to promote your blog on social networksWe cannot forget the viral nature of social networks that is what can cause “spikes” of important visits. In the following article I will try to provide a few tricks to achieve more “engagement” with your audience in a social media environment and achieve qualified continuously visits to your blog:

1 – Click to tweet: This is to introduce “tweetables” phrases in the middle of an article. When you’re in the article and a revealing phrase and hook, there’s the “click to tweet” to give the necessary impetus occurs to you. For those who work with wordpress it is as simple as installing a pluggin.

2- Use a tool to publish old posts on social profiles: Any blogger would like their posts to be read by all readers but in most cases, readers will “pecking” with the content offered. Therefore, it is a good option is publishing in social networks old posts in a controlled manner, scheduled and automated. If you use wordpress, you only have to install some pluggin as “Revive old posts”. Very useful to set the basic parameters that you want to “revive” your old posts.

3- well integrated into the social content Buttons: The reader with this is to make it easy. At all times you should have about social buttons major networks if it occurs to share? A smart way is to do with a pluggin or tool with which these buttons “follow you” when you scroll up or down in a blog.

4- Use attractive images: Marketing with images often not taken into account. What you can do on your blog is to use images that attract attention and are “promotable” on Pinterest. All you have to do is include the button “pin it” this social network.

5- Social media + SEO: SEO is becoming more social, it is very interesting for a blogger to design strategy keywords with the most relevant keywords for your blog. Once defined, the descriptions on twitter, Facebook, linkedin among others should go in the same direction. That will boost visits from SEO. To extend a little further this strategy, you can use these keywords in format “hashtag” where relevant to give a little more consistency.

6- Claim authorship google +: The procedure varies depending on whether it is a personal blog or a corporate blog. If it is a personal blog this is called “rel = author”, and if corporate “rel = Publisher”. The fact is that blog content links with google + also help your SEO strategy.

With social networks you have a great opportunity to:

  • Increase traffic to your blog.
  • Increasing the degree of fidelity of your readers.
  • Find potential related to the content that public hearing.
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