63% of companies will increase their spending on native advertising during 2016

Native advertising is becoming one of the bets of fashion advertising industry to engage consumers and industry media to attract advertisers. The native advertising continues and uses the features of the media to become more attractive and more power to call for reader’s element (who sometimes is not even really aware that what they are seeing is a sponsored message a brand) and is much more effective in ensuring some vitality and receives a banner.

The idea is also that the native advertising offers some value to readers, who receive something more with it a message of a brand. Do not forget that one of these contents is not an advertorial but rather content on a topic that a business may think that you are interested and interested consumers. For example, a company could boost agricultural machinery as native advertising a report on how weather changes affect crop cycles. Some online media front-line have become the type of advertising content that have emerged as their hallmark and the general interest within the industry for them has not stopped growing in recent times.

63% of companies will increase their spending on native advertising during 2016In the immediate future it could add even more to grow. According to a study of the establishments Association of National Advertisers (ANA), companies expect their budget for these contents will increase during the year. Positive responses are the dominant trend in the survey. According to data of the same, 63% of companies expect to increase its budget for 2016 for native advertising.

But not only expect to do so in the immediate future: the fact is that companies have already shown quite seduced and interested in these ads in recent times and have been increasing the amount allocated to them. During 2015, 55% of companies surveyed by the ANA has increased, in fact, his native advertising budget.

The study is also quite in line with other studies that have been done on the native advertising market. A study by eMarketer indicated several months ago that the big brands had planned to invest more in native advertising in 2016. In fact, the cradle of investment growth plying these large firms was among climb native advertising spending between 5 and 10 times.

Overall, eMarketer investment amounted native advertising for this year at 4.300 million, which represented a rise of 34% compared to spending on these ads, 2015. And this capital could convert video in one of the formats that some of the new investments carry.

Part less pretty

Despite these optimistic and very positive for the future of native advertising forecasts, this is still a small part of advertising investment of brands. The proper study of ANA confirms this. Although companies expect to spend more on this type of content and budgets associated with native advertising will therefore increase, in total ad spending this format is still a very small part.

In fact, there are numbers to prove it. 68% of companies surveyed by the ANA expects native advertising involves a 5% (or less) of their total advertising budget. Other land will remain, therefore, who made a bigger share of advertising investment of brands.

But this is not the only point that is not quite nice in native advertising: it is also how brands are the amounts that the media want to charge for this content. Since this advertising is integrated within the medium itself and is part of the content received by readers in a standardized way, the media are committed to record these ads with premium amounts, something that makes just do not understand and share. Only 19% of those surveyed by the ANA understands that to pay more for these ads.

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