The 10 pillars of a bad communicator

If we look at our history as students, we have gone through many classrooms and consequently we have been taught by a lot of teachers. And we can ask the question, what are the best remember? Or which ones we consider key in our training? The answer is very easy. Teachers better have known better communicate their contents The worst and most frustrating thing that can happen to a teacher is to have all the knowledge needed to be an excellent teacher and not have the communication skills to reach connect with their students.

The latter is what can happen to us in our professional lives, have we stopped to consider whether communicate properly? Our message has been understood and internalized? Because if it is not a problem we never succeed in creating strong links with our team and also develop a credible leadership position correctly.

The 10 pillars of a bad communicatorThe 10 pillars of a bad communicator

To become a bad communicator just follow these instructions:

1- No empathize with your audience implemented means that only communicate in one direction. The reaction of the recipients of your words gives you the same so do not do anything to go adapting the message you want to give.

2- And gray linear Message: Your intervention will be as smooth as it somehow is not necessary to structure and provide it with certain keys for those who want to keep the most important part.

3- Do not know what they expect from you: a bad communicator does not need to do your homework to see what the expectations about the talk or just collect certain information prior to the message has more force.

4- No use formulas “storytelling”: if we wrap our message with a story to get connect with people often have highly effective but does not serve for bad communicators.

5- Personal Image little chord: you think that in a few seconds and even before you start speaking listeners have already received certain information associated with your appearance so is in your hands the first message you want to give.

6- Little fluid body language: your body must accompany and give strength to your words. Gesturing and align it with successful movements can help connect much better.

7- Not master the times: You can alargarte more than necessary, deviate from the central message or not to introduce adequate breaks.

8- Do not know make clear the key intervention: the listeners who have attended a good intervention must be able to extract an important message and 3-4 main keys related to that topic. We do not usually memorize much more scathing, so if your audience is not left with that is as if you had not spoken.

9- Little attitude and self – confidence: insecurity, lack of interest or a haughty attitude is some of the absurdities that can take to be a bad communicator outdone.

10- Impose before convincing: some politicians would say: “who moves will not come in the picture”, so lay your criteria to anyone who dares to question everything you say. The sensible argument with critical voices is a waste of time.

As you can see, there are many options you have at your disposal to not being able or not wanting to communicate effectively. It is not easy to know transmit at all times so the message invests everything commented on these ten points and will be closer to be respected by your communication skills.

What price we pay today if we do not communicate well?

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