Why Do Some Utility Meters Have Security Seals?

Safety seals are not always needed with the standard type of meters that you find in homes. The standard types of meters will have rubber seals around the meter body. There is not a need for a seal around the body of the meter, because the rubber is strong enough to protect it from being ruined.

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This is why these types of seals are so important with gas and electricity meters, as they give the user the added protection of having some sort of a safety feature. But in terms of security, most homeowners will not have an issue with other people tampering with the meter, however, business owners and landlords might. For more information on the right Security Seal to choose for your needs, visit Acme Seals.

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Why do some gas and electric meters have security seals? The main purpose of these security seals is to prevent tampering with the information that the meter collects. By tampering with the information collected by the meter, someone can easily figure out how much money they’re using, and where they can reduce that amount to save money. Without the seals, the owner of the meter would not be able to determine whether or not they’re using too much energy, or if there had been some sort of fraud. By having these seals installed, the gas and electric companies can protect the information that is obtained on the meters and prevent energy theft and fraud.

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