Wall-E and the message of the future.

Pixar is well known for its innovative and entertaining films. Beginning life as a start up animation tech firm they have slowly pushed the boundaries of using computer generated images to create movies since the 1980s. Starting with Luxo Jr (the lamps that feature in the companies start up logo) and Big Red in 1986 and 1987 the company has grown massively, thanks in part to its association, and subsequent ownership, with Disney.

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One of its most poignant and funny films is Wall-E. Wall-E is the last of the trash collecting robots that are tasked with cleaning up a polluted and desolate earth. Huge towers of rubbish have been created by the bots and Wall-E continues to do his job tirelessly, scavenging parts for other robots and hanging out with his only friend, a cockroach. However, when a survey ship lands on earth looking for evidence of organic growth his life changes forever.

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The film has a very strong environmental message. The Earth could certainly do with the services of a Contaminated Land Remediation company like soilfix.co.uk to make the world habitable again. Pixar took the unusual step in the film to feature live unanimated actors in certain roles to try and punch home the message of how we should care for the Earth along with general animated humans. The film’s ending is simply poetic, with a wonderful song by Peter Gabriel and ends with a real sense of hope.

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