Five Winter Tips for Healthy Drains

Winter can play havoc with drainage systems – to keep yours working well here are five tips for good winter drain maintenance…

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Clear Debris – In the autumn and winter, a combination of falling leaves, strong winds and lots of rainfall can mean that debris gets washed into drains putting more pressure on them. Clear any debris from your drains regularly at this time of the year to prevent a blockage.

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Be Careful What You Put Down the Drain – There are lots of things that you should not put down a drain, including dental floss, cooking fats and nappies – many of these things are common causes for drain blockages. In the winter, this can cause more problems as it freezes and blocks the pipes.

Have Drains Inspected – It is a good idea to have a professional come and check your drains at this time of the year. Someone like this CCTV drain surveys Slough based company will be able to use equipment that will help to see what is going on in the drain and if there are any problems that need resolving in there.

If you are Going Away Get Someone to Come Over Regularly – If you are planning to go away over the winter, then get someone to come over and run water for a bit, to keep it moving through the pipes and reduce the chance of debris building in the drain.

Look Out for Bad Smells – A common warning sign of problems with drains is a bad smell coming from the sink or the drains outside.

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