Getting from A to B in the car, the quickest and safest route

Most families have access to a vehicle and travel around the country for school, work, holidays and to visit friends and family. The quickest way normally, to get from one area of the country to another is to use the motorway system or major roads.  When traffic is moving smoothly and there are no hold ups, motorway travel is by far the quickest and safest route to take. Unfortunately, sometimes accidents happen and then cars have to stop, the route becomes congested, and a journey takes much longer than anticipated.

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When accidents happen the ambulance service, police and fire-brigade are often called, they can help free any trapped motorists and often use specialist Spill Kits to make sure any potentially hazardous fluids are removed from the road surface.  These kits are often supplied by professional companies such as hydepark-environmental and remove oil, petrol, diesel and other vehicle fluids from the road surface.

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As soon as the road is clear of debris and any fuel spillages the traffic can get moving again, this type of delay can last for several hours so always listen to any traffic news and avoid hold-ups if you can. If for some reason the motorway is blocked, then use the main A roads as much as possible and follow any diversion signs put in place by the police or local high-ways teams. Drive within the rules and regulations of the motorway and stay safe.

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