The use of Latex and other unusual materials in the fashion industry

The world of fashion has certainly seen its fair share of trends and styles and many famous designers have bravely put the use of unusual materials, such as rubber, better known as latex, and leather into their creative designs.  High heels, corsets and leatherwear have all become integrated onto the catwalks and the fashion models have all strutted their stuff wearing the most bizarre combinations of silk, satin, leather, and rubber. Big brand fashion names such as Thierry Mugler, Gucci, Balmain, Raf Simons, Malcom McLaren, and the late, great Vivienne Westwood have all put together a successful fashion range of clothing and accessories using these specific materials.  Fashion icons like Rachel Weisz, and Kim Kardashian, alongside famous musicians such as Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, and Nicki Minaj have all worn outfits made from latex and leather.  Lady Gaga, who was thirty-six at the time, wore her bright red, long latex dress when she met Queen Elizabeth 11 in 2009 at the Royal Variety Performance.

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The natural rubber or latex is obtained from carefully cutting into an Indian rubber tree and then a specific process is carried out by a professional Rubber Moulding UK company to transform this lucrative material into whatever product is required. In the past, latex has been synonymous with the Sex industry and the styles of clothing made were not for the general public but were often sold on what’s known as Fetish sites. Then in 1824 with the invention of the waterproof Mackintosh Raincoat the option of latex opened up to the general public. Then the television screen started to portray actors and actresses wearing latex in space age catsuits and punk style clothing bringing this once alternative material into fashion. Kim Kardashian wore her provocative, latex outfit on the Ellen show and looked stunning in her shimmering, black, skin-tight suit.

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Forward thinking designers have the ability to transcend preconceived ideas and aren’t afraid to encompass the previously thought of erotica into their creations. New, up and coming designers such as Studio FCLX, Katie Shannon, and AW Brand Latex have all incorporated latex into styles and creations for every body type.  Trailblazers, maybe but certainly bringing this soft, skin-tight, shiny material onto the general market, and empowering ordinary people to choose this once selective option has proven very popular.

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