Sentimental brands: not necessarily decades in the making

The world of brand building is becoming increasingly strategic as competition intensifies in the marketplace. But interestingly, the adoption of digital is helping to facilitate rapid dissemination of newer and more niche brands that can take on the bigger, more established brands with the right approach.

Sentimental brands

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One key strategy for customer acquisition and retention is to play on sentiment and develop a brand that resonates with the buyer and engages their heart and head alike. These brands take the buyer back to a time when they felt happy and comfortable and often play on a sense of familiarity, timelessness and strong values.

Producing Genuine Feeling

Those campaigns and products that can keep happy memories alive will naturally appeal to consumers, but the key is to ensure that the sentimentality produced is genuine rather than vapid and cloying. Successful sentimental brands work because they deliver a sense of stability, family and time.

These can be delivered at a campaign level quite easily, and event companies in Dublin such as the Davis Events Agency regularly deliver brand-building campaign events of this nature. However, building the brand itself over along time period requires knowledge and patience.

The Bonus of a Timeless Brand

The approach tends to work best with brands that are timeless in nature and which can prove a legacy or historical link. Brands which are relatively unchanging are also good contenders because they give a sense of stability and help the brand owners to embed a narrative powerfully in the consumers’ mind that links entirely with their life in a genuine way.

The greatest skill possibly required of those brand managers is the approach to negotiating time’s actual passing – to adjust strategies as attitudes slowly change and to subtly tweak the brand’s message and history in ways that aren’t immediately perceptible but which respond quietly to changing societal attitudes and expectations.

So at your next marketing development meeting, take stock of the strategies that you are using to develop and embed your product’s brand within your target market, and consider whether there is a way to use today’s modern marketing tools to make your offer immediately compelling and yet timeless to your customers, providing them with the emotional resonance that will keep them coming back for more for years to come.


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