Set of skills you’ll need to build a profitable business

If you want to start a business and become an entrepreneur with good future prospects will have to overcome many difficulties in your way, and for that you’ll have to bring out your best qualities and cultivate and develop new skills that although initially not in your DNA they’ll need to meet the challenge: make your business profitable for you and your team business.

In general I am going to differentiate into two blocks:

  • Personal: Those skills that only depend on you
  • Interpersonal: Developed skills in contact with other professionals

Set of skills you'll need to build a profitable businessPersonal skills

The points can work inside doors are:

1- Optimism: Go bad if the first unexpected and you find reasons to be pessimistic. Think that things can and do go it is an obligation always to go with him hard and consistent work.

2- Initiative: Is invaluable if you will always find your own goals. Live passively waiting for results simply by inertia is a boat that will sink over time.

3- Persistence: One of the most important. Persistence can move mountains, there will be stages that will not see you get the sense that no tangible results but eventually always comes out all the accumulated work.

4- Risk tolerance: Start a business without risk is a utopia. A big business big risk. There are also degrees of risk and give less risky steps is also possible but never will eliminate 100% risk factor.

5- Vision: A good entrepreneur is one who knows how to define where it should be your business in 5 years. From there you can trace your whole strategy. No vision without direction or goals to achieve without a vision.

6- Resistance: How often are you able to get up when the market gives you a setback? it is important to be quite stubborn to ever closer to where you really want to be.

Interpersonal skills

All part where you have to connect with other professionals in this area is where you will develop a set of interpersonal skills. The most notable are:

1- Ability to communicate motivation: this is an admirable skill; if you are able to keep “plugged in” to your people you have a lot of work done. That energy is a big push for the achievement of objectives.

2- Leadership: You are a reference for your team? You know take a step forward in critical situations? The good leader is one who can convince their environment on the way forward, does not need to impose and is respected for it.

3- Bargaining power: You can see some clues in the article: A Practical Guide to negotiate successfully.

4- Effective communication: There is no greater helplessness that has good ideas and not knowing transmit them as they deserve. Your messages must be understood and must cause the necessary reactions.

5- To be operative in conflict: How to get your side more decisive in conflict management.

6- Empathy: Listening is a great gift but also can be enhanced with effort. Be empathetic opens many doors.

Training and learning continuum

The most important lever to implement all this training and learning. We need to be continually responsive to improve our knowledge and we can strengthen in different directions:

  • Knowledge of the business itself: Related to our sector
  • Entrepreneurial knowledge: New techniques, experiences of other entrepreneurs…
  • Knowledge with direct application: Finance, languages, marketing…

What are for you the main skills that you must have a good entrepreneur?

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