The 7 habits you are sure to alienate professional success

Possibly the term “professional success” is too broad a concept and that everyone has a slightly different meaning, as it responds to the priorities and values ​​that everyone has in mind.

I will try to define, in my view, what can be considered professional success in 4 points?

  • Areyou respected by your community and your team?
  • Youwork on your own project or getting involved in a project that keeps you motivated and eager to continue in this direction
  • Cobras an amount of moneythat you consider it reasonable to efforts invested
  • These 3 points aboveallow you to have a healthy personal life (family, friends …)

The 7 habits you are sure to alienate professional successThe 7 habits you will move away the professional success

If we achieve this, there are 7 habits that we have to go eliminating time:

1- Do not go working your professional network: Agreements, collaborations and business in general are made ​​between people so if you work your network of contacts throughout your working life you’re going to lose a lot of opportunities to build productive bridges others seeking the same as you, to progress.

Flee permanently from all risk: By that I do not say you have to be a “kamikaze” to get succeed but to take firm steps in your career at some point have to take some risk, can be measured and thoughtful but risk after all . Knowing how to manage situations of uncertainty is a great quality.

3- not always be in a continuous learning process: If you think when you finished college or post – master already have all the training you needed you’ll be back very soon, and considering that you live in a changing world really competitive. I’m a little more radical with that and think you have to spend a small% every year training.

4- Falling formulas often than win-win: Here we can find two ways that this situation occurs:

  • Basques deception to perceive more short-term benefits: no need to comment on what happens long term
  • Accept some deal even knowing that it is not fair to you.This can occur if you do not value enough

5- Do not adopt an entrepreneurial attitude ever: For those who want to start their own project not much to add but for those who work in a company or corporation entrepreneurs are very important for the proper functioning of the equipment as are those seeking actively new ways additional income or new opportunities that can detect strategic in the future.

6- Do not know channeling the emotions that may be negative: Here I mean to stress, pessimism and knowledge fit criticism. All these are situations that we will meet regularly and know how to handle all this can be no mistakes capital to pay in the near future.

7- Not directly address the problems and diligently: Sometimes unconsciously tend to postpone unpleasant situations and eventually can enlarge small disputes or incidents. He thinks that those who are good liquidating problems by providing effective solutions are highly valued profiles.

Surely all these habits can alienate you from that situation and professional success can compensate by creating effective habits and become planner, organized, methodical and persevering.

What are for you to develop habits for success?

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