What is a prosumer? Why is it important to be to make your business thrive?

If we look a few years ago, and not long ago, we had a scenario where companies were producing content and most with a strong advertising load. At that time the consumer only played the role of receiver and if many more opportunities on its part. the focus was clearly on businesses.

Today, the picture has changed radically turning attention to the user / consumer. It not only wants to intervene differently but is capable of consuming information and produce at the same time. Hence the term “Prosumer” is coined by Alvin Toffler which can be summarized.

What is a prosumer Why is it important to be to make your business thriveWhy is it important to be a prosumer your business thrive?

Now if you want to achieve strong relationships with new clients must make “an equal footing”, the prosumers companies will be those that communicate better and prosumers capture the attention of users . Users no longer want to be bombarded with advertising messages without truce; they want to be served by valuable information to resolve their concerns they may have. For that the key is the ability to have your company consume and produce appropriate content:

1- Why should I produce content?

  • If you rely on the content and is considered by your best customers in SEO position interesting. Google changing their algorithm takes time to give much more importance to a type of original content that is useful and in the right context.
  • You will get more “engagement” with customers: the content itself is a good opportunity to start conversations that may end up in sales and because they cannot finish strong, lasting customer-company relationships.
  • It is the indispensable basis for inbound marketing strategy: here it is integrated between content, social media and SEO strategy.
  • It is also a good branding strategy and brand positioning: through the content can be transmitted all the values that you want to associate the brand.

2- Why should consume content?

  • If you consume content you’ll be listening to your customers: how will you know what you want your audience potential if you do not listen to them? We’ve been in that consumers themselves also produce content not? Because we have to meet or else we would go to producer-receiver model unidirectional years.
  • Because otherwise you can pick up the latest trends: these trends may already be in your own industry or recent developments that may arise in the digital environment and can use in your business.
  • Being content consumer is the basis to monitor conversations of interest around your products or services.

Final reflection on the new consumer internet

This is of vital importance to understand this new paradigm:

  • Before the consumer would outlets to learn about a product and service and thus formed an opinion.
  • Now, first looks for information online, it forms an idea about it and then go or not to the point of sale

What happened here? It has advanced internet and focused on the moment of purchase decision.

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