Getting the most from your database and generate sales

When a project or online business starts walking, one of the great obsessions is to get qualified records (leads) that are mature or in the final stages of the buying cycle to generate sales. You can now be bought because (adwords, social ads, online advertising …) or because we managed to attract the user based on good content or more indirect techniques. Gradually it will generate a database that sometimes does not consider it as it should: as a very important asset.

So I pose the following questions:

  • Are you going to limit yourself to go sending a newsletter if “fighters” something?
  • Mach your database with the same message for everyone when looking for some kind of cross-selling?

Getting the most from your database and generate salesToday, we have to reach some more sophisticated techniques to give a more accurate and more productive in order to generate sales deal, because there is a very important element to consider in those sales your cost of acquisition is 0 euros (if we ignore a minimum cost of resources in design and programming).

Techniques for getting the best out your base and generate sales

The above drawing shows the flow of records that will generate interest from the user is recorded, mature and sale occurs or cooled being inert in your database. At this point you can raise two questions:

  • How can you identify in your database users who are close to generate a sale?
  • These users identified as “hot” as you can accompany them to finally buy?

For this there entire are two techniques, located within a process inbound marketing, which can help you a lot:

1- Lead scoring: This technique will allow you to “scan” your database to determine which users are ready to buy, what are you are thinking and as those who are far away and are “cooler” users. This process is divided into the following stages:

  • Define your ideal customer: Summarized in Check one criteria that will be useful and above all define what information you need to classify it as such (age, geography, job type …). Also consider information not explicit as what sites visit for example.
  • Once you have defined you to rate the to create a scale so you can personalize communications with each type of potential customer.

2- Lead Nurturing: Technique used to treat users personalized and they ended up buying. It is mainly divided into two phases:

  • Do some offering the user to acquire a greater commitment to your company. It may be a practical guide, or some explanatory videos on any subject. So you’re approaching the final phase of their buying cycle.
  • Once they respond positively, calling them to action to execute your purchase.

Doing all this manually is very difficult; therefore, you will have to support some specialized software that allows you to automate all these processes. We recommend two:

  • Marketo: Widely used in the US but is more focused on large corporations
  • HubSpot: This is more accessible and has guidelines on their website for those who want more information in this direction.
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