Drain lining and patch lining: the processes

While people may not spend a lot of time thinking about drainage, it can become a huge problem. when systems break down. Repairing broken pipes efficiently and effectively is extremely important; what’s more, tackling pipe or drain repairs can be made more complicated when they are located under footpaths, buildings or behind walls.

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Fixing leaks without major earthworks

Drain lining is the modern world’s gift to those responsible for cracked or leaky pipes. It is a non-invasive method of getting inside drains and lining them with a new polymer interior. The approach essentially creates a new pipe within the old one. Patch lining is conducted in a similar way but is used when only certain areas of a pipe need to be repaired and other sections are fine.

Preparatory work

Before a drain can be lined or patched, it must be checked and cleared of any debris or blockages. People putting inappropriate substances – such as wet wipes, fat or concrete – down drains can cause immense problems. In Central London, a sewer was blocked by a mass of concrete that weighed more than 100 tonnes.

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To assess whether a pipe needs a full lining or just patching, the drain is cleaned and a camera is inserted so that the interior can be inspected. The liner is then fed into the drain and positioned correctly by the use of an inflatable airbag. Heat is used to activate the lining, which cures and sets.

With patch lining, sections of liner are inserted and manoeuvred into place where needed to repair leakages.

The drain lining company will insert a camera at the end of the works to check that all issues have been rectified.

If you need the services of a drain lining company, it would be worth consulting an expert in the field such as https://www.wilkinson-env.co.uk/sewer-repairs-drain-lining-concrete-cutting/. An expert will be able to give you more information on the scope of the repairs needed and the most effective solution.

Drain and patch lining are great alternatives to the disruption and cost of digging up pipes and drains. Carried out properly, this type of repair work is efficient, highly effective and can save you a great deal of money while yielding excellent results that give years of reliable service.

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