Website Design With WordPress

WordPress is one of the latest methods of designing a new website for your company or just to spruce up your existing site. For example, many companies who are starting out want to change the look and feel of their web pages to attract more visitors, and if you are running on a tight budget it can be very difficult to try and do this on your own. A Web design Cheltenham company will be able to produce a website with almost any budget levels and they will often use WordPress as a web design tool.

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One of the best advantages of choosing WordPress as the main blogging platform for your company is that it is supported by thousands of third party plugins which mean that your website will be completely search engine optimized for the search engines and will therefore get a lot of traffic.

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Many people wonder what the difference is between WordPress and MySQL. Well the main difference is that WordPress uses PHP as its main database, while MySQL works almost the same as Microsoft Access. This means that WordPress developers can use any WordPress theme without the need of having to convert them to MS Access tables. This may not sound like much but in actual fact this is one of the major benefits of using WordPress since all the programming and backend coding is done by WordPress developers for you, so you don’t have to worry about any MS Access databases at all!

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