Five Ways to Help Children Cope with a Divorce

Divorce is a time that can send shockwaves through the whole family. It is something that causes lots of unpleasant feelings and emotions to surface, as well as the fact that both partners will have to make other arrangements, such as finding somewhere new to live, or making sure that they have the right legal representation and support, like this family law Gloucester based solicitors provide.

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With so much to think about and tempers and emotions more volatile, it is easy to see why children can also find this a difficult time, and when going through a divorce it is important that children are supported and comforted throughout the process. Here are some of the things that you can do to help children through this difficult time…

Listen to Their Feelings – Make sure that they feel able to talk to you and approach you at any time with worries or concerns that they may have. Try to look at it through their eyes and express understanding when they explain feelings of grief that they are feeling.

Give them Reassurance and Stability – Children thrive in a stable environment, so ensure that you are doing all that you can to keep a good routine and a stable environment. Even if you are having to move house, keep a routine and a consistency, and help them to see it from a positive perspective, as well as listening to their concerns.

Talk to them in a Way that is Appropriate for their Age – The age of the children will of course change how you talk to them, as their level of understanding will be different. If you have children of various ages, spend time talking to each one individually on their level.

Find a Counsellor – It can be really helpful to find a professional counsellor who will be able to help the children and listen to them. Being someone who is not emotionally involved with the family, they can be a good outlet for children to speak to about their feelings.

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Avoid Conflict and Negative Talk About the Other Partner in Front of Them – Although there are lots of emotions around the other partner at this time, this can upset and frighten them. Try to keep this away from the children.

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