Working from home and your children need to complete school assignments

During the Covid Pandemic it became “The New Normal” for lots of parents to have to work from home.  The “Stay at Home” rules from the Government to try and stop the spread of the deadly virus were enforced on most office-based workers.  A lot of this time children were also told to stay at home as schools were no longer considered safe. Setting up an office in a bedroom, garage or outhouse became quite common as parents and children tried to complete work and school assignments at the same time.

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Fighting over the use of the one laptop at home was just one of the many difficulties for parents and children, but then professional companies such as were able to provide Cheap Laptops at a great price point.  Many families were then able to purchase one or two more during this difficult time making working from home a lot easier. Refurbished laptops are a great investment as they can provide the same resources as a brand new one but are a lot more cost effective and great for children and adults alike.

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This clever resolution to a common problem while working at home saved a lot of friction and arguments during a very difficult time in a lot of people’s lives.  Even though most office workers have now been allowed to return to work, many have chosen to stay working from home as it now suits their lifestyles better.


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