The e-commerce cannot live without search engines

Search engines remain the main source of reference traffic online shops.This does not imply that they are also means more converts. Monetate data reaffirm the importance of SEO in online marketing strategy for this sector.

Monetate study indicates that 33% of registered sites of e-commerce visits came from search engines, while e-mailing contributes 2.4%, and social networks are lagging behind, with only 1, 1% of the total. Instead, when it comes to assessing the conversion rate of these sources of traffic, mail appears in first position (3.24%), with considerable advantage over organic searches (1.94%) and Social Media (0, 79%).

Best Practices In E-Commerce SEOThe study analyzes the activity of approximately 600 million online visits during the second quarter. These figures compared with previous periods, enjoying an upward trend in the rate of conversion of e-mail marketing and social networks, compared to a slight decrease in organic search.Meanwhile, as the volume of traffic benchmark this quarter as both social search recorded fewer visits than in the 5 previous quarters.

Despite not being the source of traffic that more turns, the SEO also notable for being the most consumed medium whose visits. On average, the amount of purchases from organic search is $ 111.18, while the AOV (Average Order Value) customer e-mail is $ 99.93, and social search is 86.80 dollars. It should be noted that experienced by social networking in the last quarter increase. During the first three months of 2013, the AOV referred by the Social Media was $ 76.59. In line with this information, it should include the results shown MarketLive few days ago, who showed the greatest AOV the search was lower than paid results. This source estimates the average value of transactions provided rle po SEM 113 dollars, while the organic traffic was around $ 110.

Among other findings of the study, it stresses that the intention to purchase by customers attracted by mail to the web is significantly higher than the other channels get. So, the mail got a rate products added to the cart of 10.73%, while in the case of the search was 6.81% and 3.37% for social networks.

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