Specs vs Contacts

So you’ve been informed that you need to wear glasses. Do you go for glasses or contact lenses? This is going to boil down to personal preference, lifestyle, comfort, convenience and the way you look. One is not necessarily better than the other but one will suit you better than the other perhaps. Using advanced optician software, you can have either glasses or contacts fitted to perfectly match your health and fashion requirements. For more information, visit http://blinkoms.co.uk/

Eyeglasses have some great benefits. They are easy to clean and maintain and you don’t need to touch your eyes like you do with lenses. Every time you touch your eyes you do increase the chance of infection. In the long run, glasses are cheaper than lenses as they should last you at least two years unless you need a new prescription. You can have great fun with glasses too and use them to make a real fashion statement.

However, glasses can become cumbersome and irritate your nose and ears after prolonged use and some people just don’t like the way they look in glasses.

Specs vs Contacts

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However, contact lenses also come with their own benefits. They sit right on your eye so your vision is completely unobscured unlike with glasses, where your peripheral vision can be affected. You don’t need to worry about outdoor sports and activities as they cannot fall off like glasses. You can even make fashion statements with lenses these days and change the colour of your eyes to match your mood or outfit.

Contact lenses won’t be affected by weather conditions like glasses, which can fog up or get covered in rain. They do come with a few cons though and some people never really get to grips with fitting them on the eye. Dry and itchy eyes can become a problem as contacts limit the amount of oxygen that reaches the eye. They are not always suitable for computer work either and can contribute to computer vision syndrome. Contacts require proper cleaning and lens care but daily disposables are available. One of the biggest pitfalls is that if you fall asleep wearing the lenses, your eyes can become very irritated and the more you touch your eye, the more you increase the risk of infection occurring.

Of course, there is no reason why you can’t combine the two and have glasses for some occasions and contact lenses for others. Or if you are fed up both then there is a third option, Laser Eye Surgery!

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