Why 80% of the content generated by companies do not work?

80% of the content of a web does not work. It is a fact that overwhelms anyone. Apparently, your efforts to generate content and keep your updated web are in vain. InboundWriter study it indicates that as much as 20% of your content generate 90% of web traffic on your page.

Many professionals say without hesitation that content marketing is a way to build loyalty and essential in any company. And it is!. Isabel Herrera so stressed in a recent interview , adding that this is certainly a way to get a very close relationship between brand and customer. However, the reality helps us to come down from heaven and put your feet on the ground. We are not facing any panacea, much less if companies still believe that content marketing is the same as that traditional communication simple press release that unless, we are a large corporation or company, no longer interested.

Why 80% of the content generated by companies do not workMany communications agencies remains committed to providing customers making statements and notes trade press which are subsequently sent in bulk to multiple media for a free promotion, and leaving his luck or judgment of these, that they they may be relevant or interesting to be published, or most likely, end up ignored and increased the number of deleted emails that they are not paying attention because they do not provide any added value in most cases.

It is very easy to be tempted to target the information to tell what “great we are and how well we do things”. However, fundamentally it seeks to “generate attraction” of customers to the brand but without an intention to direct sales, but as a result of user-brand relationship.

It is no coincidence that InboundWriter data reveal that many businesses fail thinking they are doing a good content marketing strategy. To launch this statement, the company has analyzed the organic traffic of more than 110.00 pages, along with 32 million page views between June 2012 and May 2013. Does this mean that the content is useless? What you should do now?This study is a cold shower for advocates that the content is king.

The marks are especially concerned about providing really interesting to attract the audience and content your target audience. But in many cases they are often confused “forms”. Although different studies show that content marketing is already one of the pillars of the marketing strategy of companies. Are they doing well?

One of the major problems detected among many of the companies that intend to develop content for your audience, is the lack of a strategy and pre-planning to analyze certain important aspects. What content or themes are best work? What keywords to use? ? Through what channels and distribute media? but above all … do you have anything to say? and what information really adds value that may encourage our audience also share?

Companies have increasingly clear that content marketing is essential but it is clear that there are many factors that if not taken into account fret can take for our purpose and goals. This shows that the strategic deficiency can make us pursue wrong objectives or waste our time and resources.

It is very easy to fall into errors when planning the content and information they generate as a company. The most important thing is to be clear about who we want to reach, and therefore determine what matters to our target audience, we must therefore devote the time necessary to understand the market we headed analyzing consumers, their buying habits and consumer interests, ways and mainly generated content competing brands. The type of content that we provide, should be adequate to meet the needs of those who are going.

In short, develop a strategy for effective content is not having a blog and post something from time to time, but keep up, study the trends, knowing our audience and be able to serve on a platter what interests them. If not, we will fatten the high percentage of companies that ensure that the content they generate does not work.

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