Smart TV: The keys to consider for your marketing strategy

Currently, over 3 million consumer see web content directly to their Smart TV. That figure is not negligible and we would have to reflect a little on two points in particular:

  • Multi-device reality: Our client you can be visiting from your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone and Smart TV. Is your content adapted to this?
  • Creation of t-commerce: Here the smart TV and online commerce meet. Your customers will buy you from the TV.

Smart TV The keys to consider for your marketing strategyA recent US study pointed out that at the end of 2014, 25 million Americans will be active users in the field of t-commerce. Then, it would be time to put the focus on this issue?

Smart TV: The keys to consider for your marketing strategy

Given a new reality in which the highest% of new TVs are already Smart TV, it would be good to aim some concepts that help to consider this fantastic device for your marketing strategy:

1- Special attention to branded content video format: I will not now discover the success of micro videos online, but when you enter the variable Smart TV things happen:

– The chances of seeing content from YouTube, Vimeo or came up with a very different experience for the user. Therefore grows even more the importance of being able to produce video content

– The quality of the images has to have it much more present. Poor content production in a TV screen more noticeable

2- The appearance of Google Chrome Cast: Google this device allows you to convert any TV into a much more functional device to play Internet content.

3- Usability and design: To which no new device in sight no “new duties” for professionals are areas that should check what the user experience for smart TV and how they should adapt their design to be “responsive “also in this new context.

4- New interactive advertising formats on TV: The smart TV in the home, brands will be able to “play” a little more with your audience looking to interact with them when they see an ad on the screen. An example could be the Domino’s pizza who released an announcement at halftime of a football game where the viewer could click with the command in the ad and an application to order a pizza at home directly opened.

5- Applications designed for Smart TV: Here a new universe in which some applications designed for smart TVs become micro channels also opens specific content. There are already some brands that advanced to this by creating your application for smart TV as was Mark & Spencer. That’s where they publish their information related to their products.

6- Greater integration TV – social media: A good example is a proposal as This tool lets you select social TV content through social networks we create our own preferences like a TV channel. What it is already a reality with mobile TV-binomial (with twitter mainly), will be shared and discussed the content directly on the TV itself.

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