The intrapreneurship: How to generate new business from within

When we talk about entrepreneurs the first figure that comes to mind is that of a person who is in the process of building a new company with a generated activity from 0. Without going into the debate whether that is the venture pure, the fact undertake and the entrepreneur themselves are not a particular state but rather an attitude that can be carried out from scratch in a new company or from within a company or corporation looking for a non – existent innovation that generates changes and new business so far .Thus it was born the figure of intrapreneurship mainly characterized by:

  • Constructive critics: are people who know questioning positively and didactic certain points within the business model to lead productive changes for the company.
  • Vision to medium-long term: while analyzing their daily lives, they know how not deviate from the path to follow to reach a stage “B” charted in its new business plan.
  • Internal leaders: people respected within the business organization that do not require supervision.

The intrapreneurship How to generate new business from withinHow to generate new business from within

To carry out a process of innovation within a company can be highlight some important points:

1) Not putting your interests or motivations to the company: The project must be aligned with the values and business vision of the company. Therefore, it is not going in the line of concepts such as lifting an empire to highlight your figure within the organization.

2) Try building a threat to the company’s flagship products: Usually within a company, there is a portfolio of products that are selected to invest available resources. Your project really wants to expel one of these products to allocate resources in another direction for a greater collective benefit.

3) Do not call attention more than necessary: This is one of the biggest differences with external entrepreneurs. External need all the attention to attract investment while an intrapreneurship cautions and go unnoticed are premises for the project is not stopped or ignored prematurely.

4) Take advantage of changes within the organization: In any business there are changes (transfers, layoffs, reorganizations …), and in some contexts van at high speed. These changes are opportunities to bring out new projects or improvements we’ve been working over time.

5) Someone relevant sponsor your project: For this kind of innovation we need to join efforts and more importantly, someone put weight the first vote of confidence for not sink your aspirations in the first assault.

6) Leverages existing infrastructure: The good of working in a large company is that you can help what has already been built to go starting to make your own inquiries.

7) Fight against the appropriation of your ideas: If your weight in the company is still low and work visibly, what can happen is that a manager takes ownership of your project. So that does not happen is effective to work in the shade is fast to make your mark so indelible.

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