Making a lot from a little: what to do with your 140 characters

In the world of digital marketing, the dreaded “block” can strike at any given time. For creative professionals in the industry, this block, no matter how small, can prove catastrophic when it strikes at crucial times.

Making a lot from a little

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When you’re feeling uninspired, it can be useful to return to the mantra “less is more”, particularly for those in such a time-consuming and demanding area of work. For that reason, we turned to Twitter for some helpful advice on marketing and the ways to improve it.

Continuously strive to improve

When it comes to website design, always consider it a work in progress. SEO is a continually changing game, and websites should be well maintained to combat this.

Companies such as provide fresh and innovative designs to suit your needs. Whilst this particular page is for Hemel Hempstead web design is universally offered and can ensure your website is better than that of the competition.

Keep it Simple

A concept that is otherwise referred to as “K.I.S.S.” (Keep It Simple, Stupid!), this principle focuses on the original idea that less is more. Instead of overwhelming potential clients with huge amounts of data, try compressing data and keeping it concise. You might even choose to throw in some imagery for the visual incorporation of data. One thing is for sure: you must avoid waffling at all costs.

Data, data and more data!

Whilst compression of data is crucial, it’s important to adopt a data-first attitude toward any form of marketing. Before you make any decisions or dive headfirst into anything, make sure you have engaged with the analytics, statistics and competitor data prior to the creation of your strategy. Although it is a time-consuming endeavour, we promise you won’t regret it.

Be the best solution

Make yourself stand out from the sea of competitors. Whilst this point may seem obvious in that it is the fundamental goal of most marketing strategies, it’s possibly the most important advice of all. When clients search for your area, you want to be the best option or solution for them. Simply put, being the best option out there will get you more business, and getting more business will get your name out there as being the best option. It’s a winning cycle!

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