What is Findability? How can enhance productively?

In today’s marketing, there are two ways, in my opinion indispensable, about pivoting the entire online marketing strategy of a company with a vocation in internet:

  • Find shares of PPC (Pay Per Click) profitable in the short term to validate business models and also provide a customer base from the start.
  • Create profitable in the medium and long term “organic assets.” With active content I mean well positioned in search engines own communities on social networks or email lists well debugged and related to the product or service of the owning company.

The Findability fits nicely into second path, the organic assets; little worked sometimes by companies and how profitable can be the medium term.

What is Findability How can enhance productivelyWhat is findability?

The Findability is the ease with which a company is found online by potential customers or their related audience. As you may have guessed, this is a competition of SEO (organic search engine optimization). It is also an important part of inbound marketing techniques more indirect marketing that seeks to be found at the right time, before launching massively ads that interrupt the user on the Internet.

The organic Findability is an indispensable asset to a company on the Internet:

Can you imagine being found on the internet every day for your potential customers when they have a need to cover your product or service?

How can you improve productively?

Well, once we have the goal in mind, here are some tips to enhance this “facility” to be found:

  • Create relevant content oriented people who want to be found: This content must be optimized with keywords that users employ search engine.
  • While organizes pages: There are a number of SEO elements that are important to be “friendly” to the search engines: urls, Title, Description, “headings”…. All this is called SEO “on-page”.
  • Linkbuilding effective: The linkbuilding is the “art” of getting links for your business. This is the basis of SEO “off-page”. These links they do is tell the search engines that other websites that link to you and therefore what you have written is relevant to your sector. If the links are from sites with good positioning, the greater the positive impact on your SEO. We must point out something important, if you suddenly get a lot of links and have no relationship with your website or project, you could be penalized for it.
  • Engagement in social networks: Social networks also have a positive influence on this. The likes, “shares” +1 positioning and help is a sign that your content is useful.

Is it important for a company’s findability online? What other techniques to urge there?

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