Are QR codes failing? Only 12% of consumers use them

By all is known that consumers spend a significant part of their time online to find information on purchases, although this type of behavior is usually attributed in relation to those items of a higher price. However, a new study shows that consumers are increasing the time spent on finding information on lower value purchases and everyday objects using a variety of tools, although the use of QR codes does not seem to be one of them, as their use remains Very low.

Thanks to mobile devices, consumers have access to more information than ever before. The study conducted by Radius Global Market Research has revealed that access to this information is leading consumers to expand their searches before making a purchase, to all kinds of more everyday items.

Are QR codes failing Only 12% of consumers use themRadius GMR asked consumers about their online shopping habits, and how they saw themselves acting in the future. The results point to a growing use of mobile tools to find information related to more everyday objects, such as over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, cosmetic and home care products, as well as higher-priced products Such as televisions and computers.

When looking at a large number of online search tools, consumers remarked one that neither now nor does it seem that in the future, it plays a relevant role: QR codes. Fraen the current to find more information about a product, the same percentage you think will use them in the future.

“While the number of consumers who own smartphones that allow the use of QR code technology continues to grow significantly, the use of that technology does not have the same pace,” said Jamie Myers, director of Radius GMR. “From our study at Radius GMR, it’s clear that companies need to work to close the gap between perceived capacity and utility if they want consumers to interact with their brands using QR codes.”

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