Why tensile fabric structures can work well for pop-up businesses

Pop-up businesses may only be temporary, but they still require a durable and effective space from which to operate. While regular buildings can be attractive for many reasons, more businesses are turning to tensile fabric structures as a construction option. These give flexible covering for both indoor and outdoor areas, while providing shelter and a lightweight structure that can be erected and taken down again much more easily than fixed structures.

Why tensile fabric structures can work well for pop-up businesses

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Suitable illumination

Tensile structures offer translucent cover, which means the woven cloth with its hard-wearing, weatherproof coating can allow daylight to transmit by at least 10 per cent for a good illumination with pleasantly diffused qualities. This gives a subdued and gentle light compared with the bright sunlight of outside, meaning that you can also make use of natural light and cut down on electricity costs.

Flexible space

For pop-up businesses, it might not always be clear cut how much space they will need. Fabric structures are good for this reason, as they can span both small and large areas with ease. A solid structure requires a rigid intermediate support, while tensile fabric structures can span across boundaries in an unbroken sweep. This gives a visually attractive look and is also practical, with few structural supports required.

Pop-up business and pop-up hubs offer an interesting way to conduct business and these are becoming more common across the UK. Many pop-up hubs plan on becoming permanent fixtures in the future, such as Creative Cardiff. Tensile structures offer hubs such as these the ideal way to create a business space quickly and relatively cheaply while they grow.

Attractive and practical

Tensile fabric canopies, such as those created by http://signaturestructures.com/, are excellent for entrances as they can shelter people who are arriving and leaving the building. A canopy also creates a visually arresting feature to attract people to the entrance from outside. The fabric tensile structure will also make the pop-up business visually interesting and help it to stand out from the fixed structures nearby.

If they are properly installed, fabric tensile structures are incredibly safe from weather damage due to their strength and flexibility – they can ‘bend’ with the wind. This makes using fabric tensile structures for canopies and coverage a simple and highly durable solution for pop-up businesses.

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