The omnichannel experience as a basis for engagement with the customer

Consumers demand an integrated multichannel strategy; a premise that figure as a basis for engagement with the client. As shown by the data Displaydata.

Customers use either the online and offline media during the process of researching and buying products. According to the study Displaydata, 80% of consumers are looking for information online before heading to the store to buy, for which uses both mobile devices (smartphone and tablet) as your computer.

However, customers have found significant differences between the information that retailers show in your online store, and found at the property.

The omnichannel experience as a basis for engagement with the customerAccording to the study, nearly half of shoppers (44%) found different prices in the online version of which appeared in the physical store. In addition, more often than desired (40%), there was a case that the product was not available when did appear as such on the web.

Another important advantage that customers who had visited the online store could not make the move to the store (48%) was the offers and online promotions.

These inconsistencies undermine the customer experience within the establishment. If we add that the staff of the retailers not exceeds your expectations in terms of customer service and, as noted by 42% of study participants, consumers feel doubly frustrated with the company.

Customers are omnichannel, and expect brands also are. This is a way to keep in touch with your target audience throughout the buying process, in order to ensure positive customer experience that fosters confidence in the company and will lead to conversion.

It is therefore important that the company has the same sales strategy, regardless of the channel chosen by the customer. Both product availability and prices or benefits such as offers and promotions.

In this regard, the study of G / O Digital also reinforces the importance of an integrated multichannel strategy to increase sales. In this regard, the actions focused on mobile devices, locally have proved effective when deriving customers to stores.

As reflected in the study, 90% of buyers prefer shopping in their immediate environment. However, before then turning to the internet for pre-screening process. It is at this point that a decisive influence local marketing strategies, with the invaluable presence of mobile devices, that will offer a customized solution, and suitable to their needs, depending on the time, place, and their online behavior.

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