10 sure-fire techniques for your visitors do not buy anything

Getting people to come to your website is only a first step. Once visitors arrive it is necessary that new business for your company continue to grow generated. Unfortunately many web pages are made to scare away visitors. Instead of becoming a business builder becomes a frustration. The website becomes a problem and you will not see any sense invertible to improve it.

Internet is full of websites that die from inaction. Companies made their website hoping to increase sales but after a while die slowly because their owners could not generate new business. To prevent this from happening in your company, I will bring a list of 10 deadly sins that make customers leave.

If your website has any of these features you are sure driving away visitors. Read them carefully and check your website. If you have any of these features is time for a change.

10 sure-fire techniques for your visitors do not buy anything1. Zombie World

A zombie will try to capture by fatigue. They are very slow but they attack you everywhere. That’s what you feel when you hit a page where you jump colors, and text requests everywhere. When a zombie attack our primary reaction is run is perceived.

The same happens when your website is full of ads, cartoons, colors that do not define clearly what the next steps are. A symptom that your pages are populated Super is a time of very low visit. Another good indicator is the bounce rate on each page. Normally pages “zombie world” have very low visitation time and a high percentage of rebounds.

2. Multiple personalities “themed”

A large proportion of visitors to your website will get by search engines. They sought a sentence and come to your website. For the visitor feel your unmet need is imperative that there is consistency between the terms and topics you treat in your website.

To run away immediately is best to talk of many things on your website. Have no consistency or focus on the words you use on your website. This way when someone comes to your page notes you write about 20 different topics runs without thinking.

3. Fear Convert

The conversion involves asking some visitors and does so. The first question to ask anyone to design a website is “I want you to make a new visitor to get there?” But when I ask that question to an entrepreneur he looks surprised. Most people have no idea what you want to do a new visitor.

Some people respond things like “I want to go to the contact page and write something”? This request is very ambiguous and it is not done anywhere. It is rather a desire rather than a request. On every page of our website we should ask something explicitly visitors.

To chase it away it is best not to think about any conversion. Do not ask anything to the visitor. And let the visitors wander through our website without any clear direction.

4. What said, Harry?

Subjecting visitors to the speeches that are specific to an industry is a very good way to frighten them. Getting to a website of a company that provides “Technology Infrastructure Services to provide leading-edge solutions”? One is left wondering how the character of the comic of the 70s? What Harry said?

Each page of your site should help the visitor without dizzy with empty speeches that say nothing at the end.

5. Syndrome Seller of Used Car

Try to fool your visitors and will fired from your website. Hide your experience, what other customers are saying, and success stories, finally hides any reference to what others say your company. This way your website will only what you say your company. That the person has no further proof of the honesty of your company. Will run in less than what you say, “I swear I’m a good company.”

If you want to trust you, is easy to forward them and show what you’ve done with other customers, show your experience. Much better if you can put testimonials from other customers, even with video.

6. Think only of your problems

Your main problem as a company is to sell your products. Concentrate only on that problem and ignores any problem having your customers. By all means is that every visitor solve your problem. Do not set any connection with visitors and try to buy you immediately. The visitor will feel an overwhelming desire to run to other sites where they can help.

7. Do not let anyone talk more

Unlike TV, Internet browsing we are when we like to interact. We like to discuss, write, and make suggestions? Finally we like to do things while we consume information.

If you want people running out of your website do not let anyone talk more. Do not let people communicate with you in any way. Do not allow people to leave comments or ask them to send you emails? Nothing, just ignore them. Think of your website as if it were an old-fashioned newspaper.

This form is a bit slower than the others, but you are guaranteed that people who are interested in your content and stay a little longer on your website eventually go to feel ignored.

8. Proposal of marriage on the first date

Human relationships are based on trust. It is very difficult to build trust with little time. In fact, when we try to build confidence “I swear” we otherwise. People runs.

So to get visitors run away, ask something that requires a lot of confidence on the first visit. For example, you ask them to buy the most expensive product on the first visit. You will achieve the same effect as ask her to marry a person you are dating for the first time? Or better yet, ask her to marry someone you have not even presented.

9. Social Hermitage

Having a website is only part of what it means to participate in Internet. I think it is a very important part but in the end only a part. In addition to the website, companies that want to take advantage of Internet use social networks as channels to achieve greater connection with their audiences.

If you want to ensure that your page does not generate stay away from social networking sales. Do not participate in any social network. Better still open how much new network profiles appear but do not make a single share.

This way if a visitor dares to get you in a social network you will only see a publication made a lot of time ago. This will make the person feel that your company is bankrupt or better yet, have no interest in what your customers say. The equivalent of a few years ago would be a store without phones or even without gateway to reach new customers.

10. Hides information

The way to connect with others online is through information. A good way to get people I ignored is to hide the information. A good way to do this is to have information they cannot find the search engines.

For example if you have a video that can be helpful for your customers but do not you write additional information is virtually impossible to be found.

Another very good technique to hide information is to use a complex navigation. With menus that have many levels. Do so complex that people will be paralyzed just to see it.

Time Change

If your company uses some of these techniques are losing money every day.The good news is that making simple changes you can avoid and turn your website into the center of a successful Internet strategy.

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